excuse me while i collect my thoughts...

You know this blog is all about me, right? I am sure I have made that clear somewhere before. Today, I need to write a "to-do" list of sorts...

Wacky Mommy, thank you for writing about your doggie, and making me cry and write about my doggie. It was great, therapeutic, and I am appreciating the comments I have had so far! I am sure there are many dog lovers weeping out there this week, between your posts and mine.

Wacky Mommy is one of the first blogs I started to read, waaay back in September: http://wackymommy.org/ And, she was one of the writers who inspired me to create a blog. Thank you Wacky Mommy!

Since then I have found other bloggy buddies who I LOVE.

Note to self: figure out favorites and post a thingy. (You know who you are already I think!)

Okay, y'all go check out Wacky Mommy now, and leave me to my ruminations!

Carnival weekend is here. Friday will be mad, with me trying to wrap up some work and going back into school to help out at the school carnival jump-up. Also grocery, pharmacy, pay bills, etc. The boys then have gymnastics till late, and then we will visit Debs to hang out, eat and bathe. I will put on my sexiest outfit and the boys will put on their jammies. We will then go to Sean's parents' home in Chaguanas, where we will be based until Wednesday.


We are playing it by ear. Sean is working some funny hours, but we will have fun without him if we have to.

Must pack tomorrow.

Must get ear-plugs for boys and self.

On Friday, we will dance all night. The annual Lange Park Carnival Féte, (bring your cooler) is great.

The boys are really good at sleeping through a party.

On Saturday morning, USUALLY, Sharon and I get up early and start to clean up, (which we actually enjoy, believe it or not!) but I have been informed that there will be a professional cleaning crew coming at 5.00 a.m.

I called Sharon and said "We are obsolete! Whatever shall we do??" and we have decided to go to the Wild Fowl Trust to paint. I would like an Anhinga ("snake bird") to pose for me. They often pose, drying their wings out. We will take all children, in case anyone wants to nap.

I am so looking forward to spending time with my NIECE, Savannah, because she is a GIRL! Savannah is three. She is a princess.

Must pack conté crayons.

Must drop mattress tomorrow.

Fatima needs flowers from garden.

One of our carnival weekend traditions is that we build a puzzle. I have bought a 3,000 piece one, of a battle at sea. This is gonna be good. Fatima's dining table is perfect for puzzling, and the 5-day holiday is just right for finishing a puzzle. The boys don't have school till Thursday!

Phone calls are flying back and forth with manic panics and last minute emergencies. Rachel cannot find one single pair of comfy sneakers size 7 or 8, and she is playing mas' in Tribe. Every comfy shoe, sequin, and pair of stockings is sold out. Makeup artists and hairdressers are booked solid. Joggers are jogging everywhere you look, building up stamina. The drinkers are priming up their livers. The tourists have peeled, and are getting a fresh sunburn under their peelings. They still haven't realised that they look dumb with canerows. Watching the excitement makes me a little sad that I am not playing pretty mas this year, but I am also looking forward to relaxing, painting, puzzling with the boys and my niece and nephew.... AND...

J'Ouvert! Carnival "Opens" in the wee hours of Monday morning. This is Ugly Mas, Mud Mas, Jab Malasie, the Midnight Robber...

Must remember bucket of clay!

Must remember scarf for hair!

I have forgotten many things, I am sure. But for now, I will go and check on my dinner, and stick a new list up on the fridge. I have been writing on the bathroom mirror all week with a dry erase pen (brilliant idea, you gotta try this!), but there's no room there any more!

If you don't hear from me, don't panic. But I anticipate having plenty of lazy time, in between puzzling, and I will let you all know what I am musing on.


BlueBella said…
Oh Nan this sounds fantastic! I love puzzling - my family always gets a huge one for the holidays and then stays up all night and has wine to get it done!
Enjoy the party, tip one back for me and hope Sean doesn't have to work too much and you get some time to enjoy each other, too:)
Anonymous said…
Oh...it sounds like so much fun! Have a wonderful time, and write when you can :) Also, any time you can figure out a way to post pics, please do so.
And WackyMommy, who is my real-life friend from back in the days when we both wrote for the student paper at Portland State, was the first blog I ever read and inspired me to start mine too! We should come up with an award for her or something. Or call her and invite her for coffee. Something.
Anonymous said…
You guys are too sweet to me and I do not deserve it. Awfully glad you both are writing! I admire your work very much.