Fabulous Friday

Ever had one of those REALLY GREAT days, where everything goes your way?

I had a really great day on Friday. And, when I got home, a little elf had tidied up the kitchen AND taken the garbage out. And then said little elf called to say, he's on his way home, and he has Chinese food for me.

*sigh* the best end to a great day.

By 8.00 that morning, having dropped the kids to school early, Flossie and I were on our way back up to Paramin, where we had gone last Friday to draw and paint.

I did a speedy charcoal drawing of a banana tree with fruit and flowers, and it is a really good piece. Useful as a sketch for a mural, but also pretty frame-and-sell-able. That's good. And finished. I got charcoal up to my armpits and all over my clothes, so wherever I went for the rest of the day I looked like an Olde London Orphan, or maybe a Weirdo.

Then, we came back down the hill, and I delivered some framed tiles to someone, and they paid me immediately. No stress. So I drove through the bank machine thingy, and deposited the cheque. Then I delivered a few MORE tiles, and turned to go, and the lady in the shop said "wait wait! I have your cheque!"

Now, what is with everybody today? Do I have this aura of "don't mess with me, I have psycho friends?" or maybe it was the charcoal-smudged look that frightened them? In future, when making deliveries, I will go for the "dirty orphaned artist" look.

So I drove back through the bank thingy in Maraval and made another deposit. I mean, it's not like I have been paid for a huge job, these are just trivets. But how nice not to have to run around begging for my money!

Then I saw someone who said "Hey! Your Mother was just here!" so I walked to the "Creole Kitchen" where I figured she would be having lunch with my Aunt Carole, who is visiting. They were there! YAY! I crashed their party, which was really nice. For me, anyway! I haven't seen my aunt and uncle for a few years, and it is great to have them here.

Then, I went to watch the boys do gym. This is becoming a habit! And afterwards, we all went to hang out by Debs and the kids had hotdogs and built a huge volcano with vinegar and baking soda and made a lot of mess. Debs and I lazed, drank cups of tea, watched TV and wondered if they would be okay building volcanoes by themselves. They were totally fine, and even tidied up after themselves.

We went home at a good bedtime-ish hour, and now it is the weekend. The boys have their mid year tests coming up, so we have been revising. So far, so good!


Candygirlflies said…
Sounds like heaven. I'm wildly jealous.

xo CGf
BlueBella said…
What a wonderful day! I'm so glad everything went your way:)

I'm also going to have to figure out how to get my hands on one of your drawings! I have many walls in need of some Nan-ness!
Anonymous said…
Don't you love it when everything clicks like that? Is there any way you can post pictures of your art?
I would love that.
Nan Sheppard said…
As soon as I have my internet running to my *NEW* PC, I will post pictures. This will make me more likely to TAKE pictures in the first place, hopefully. I am notorious for shipping stuff out and never seeing it again, and keeping no record at all! Poor Sean tears out his remaining hair. Luckily I have big pieces (tile murals) up in hotels and other public places, so I get clients like that. It's like advertising that I get paid for... Keeping an online portfolio is a GOOD PLAN!