Happy 2008!

Happy 2008!

My first post for the new year was going to be all about the things that I am grateful for. Right now, I can think of one: Max is still asleep!

I did not drunk blog last night, (sorry Karly!) because I was sleeping on Mariela's couch with Kathy. I know, I am such a lame-oh, but I think going from Beers to Bailey's (oh so drinkable) to Champagne was not wise. I must be getting old? The last time I drunk blogged I seem to remember it was a poem about Sharon's toilet repairs, so perhaps it is for the best.

However, I did take many drunk photos. (with my NEW CAMERA!) AND?? Some of them are really good! I could be on to something here! Hitherto, my photos have made friends and family look like something caught in the headlights, -before AND after- and my friends have started to cringe when they see me coming. I have spent the last few days going, "no, I just need PRACTICE! Take your hands down! How will I ever get any good at this if you won't let me practice on you??"

So now I know what to do: I must get sloshed BEFORE family gatherings, children's parties and fun outings to the beach.

ALL of the children, down to the smallest three-year-old, made it to midnight. (younger than that doesn't count!) Mariela and Ainsley have a ROOM full of toys, and many spare beds, and when the big kids saw the gazillion fireworks being set up they opted to NOT SLEEP till fireworks time. Their excitement passed on from child to child until there were I think 14 children in a state of High Expectation and Best Behaviour. I was amazed that my kids made it, they never have before, though Sam looked like a walking zombie by about 10.

The fireworks were worth the wait for sleepy kids. Ainsley put on a show there that was totally awesome! We didn't burn anything down, and nobody got blown up. All of the fireworks went UP the way they ought. And afterwards, every bed in the house was filled with 14 instant small sleeping bodies. They fell asleep like someone had switched them off... Their fuses blown from the excitement. I don't know how our afternoon is going to go, I bet I will have some grumpy boys to deal with. Today is a good day to watch a good DVD after lunch and put everyone to bed early. I feel sorry for the families with littler kids!

With the kids out of the way, the party evolved into a latin-dance thing and then into a sound-off between Jason and Ainsley's DJ systems. Then the current went, plunging the neighbourhood nearby into darkness. I think we blew something. When we left, there was still no electricity and there was a candlelit bottle-and-spoon percussion band with a cardboard box bass drum singing:

"De lizard run up she foot,
And, disappear.
Everybody keep searchin'

Where de liz-ed,
Teacher Mildred?

Under she dress,
Takin' ah rest,
De way she jolly,
An' happy,
Ah sure de lizard must be ticklin' she!"

(The Mighty Sparrow)


Unknown said…
Aw, man. I was really hoping for some drunk rambling! ;)

I, too, have been wondering around with my camera shouting "I'm not trying to TAKE YOUR PICTURE! I'm just trying to PRACTICE! I don't CARE what YOU look like!" People love me. They really, really do.

Glad your New Year's was fun, even without the beach house.
Anonymous said…
No blunk drogging, pit-ay. I loved the lizard song.
I hope 2008 is as fabulous as you are.
Nan Sheppard said…
You guys make me blush... You like Sparrow's lyrics? He is a very popular calypsonian in Trinidad, some of his songs are lyrical masterpieces... And some are plain bawdy!
Anonymous said…
"I'm not trying to TAKE YOUR PICTURE! I'm just trying to PRACTICE! I don't CARE what YOU look like!"

Same words here; my husband got a new camera and is over the moon.

Nan, I loved this post! Happy 2008 to you, too.
Anonymous said…
AAAAAHHHHHHH!!! It sounds like such a good lime! I knew you guys would have had a blast. I watched Mythbusters on TV, and fireworks from my windows. Put up the pics! Or email them to me :)

I miss you guys!