hell is a government office

"Can you tell me why the changes are different this time? Because you know, every time I have to make changes in the plans it costs a lot of money."

"I don't know, nah? You will have to ask de officer."

"May I speak to him now?"

"You go have to come back when de office open."

"Oh, okay. What day is the office open?"

"Monday to Friday."

"Oh good, can I see him?"

"He is only in office on Wednesdays"

"I thought so. That's why I came today. Today is Wednesday?"

"Well, he attending a seminar, nah."

"Is there a phone number that I can have, to call him if I need to ask anything?"

"Yes, write this down... Extension#.... Okay?"

"Good. Thank you. I will call this week if anything."

"Well, you might not get tru, eh? De lines not working properly."

"Oh. Thank you. I will see you next week then?"



Oh Lord, I promise to be good in this life. For I know that if I am wicked, I will spend an eternity attempting to have building plans passed at San Juan/Laventille Regional Corporation Office.


BlueBella said…
Oh girl, that is bad! Here's to being wicked but not getting caught!
Anonymous said…
Yep. Sounds like Mauritania too.
This really made me laugh!