homework wisdom

"I permit you to think; I forbid you to wonder." ... words of homework wisdom.

Chas and Sam would like the world to know that they are not happy that school is back in. They have been loaded up with a heap of homework, and have mid-year tests in 3 weeks. Chas had to write sentences using words and their opposites, and has made his feelings very clear.



1. Fruit is plentiful.
Fun is scarce.

2. I permit you to think.
I forbid you to wonder.

3. The bold mouse ate the lion.
The timid lion ran away.

4. The doctor's wealth was incredible.
Homework causes a poverty of brain cells.

5. My work is not a success.
I am a failure in homework.

B) use opposites to write sentences.

I am a "spendthrift".

I "deny" I did my homework.

Thing thing "knowledge" thing thing thingy.

I had best "retreat" after my teacher reads that last one!

She will be happy at my "departure"!

But she will be "ashamed" of me.

I will have "success" in teaching my teacher to have fun (maybe!)


I suppose if I were a really good mother, I would make him do it all over PROPERLY. Fortunately, Chasbo's teacher likes him and has a sense of humour. So far.