in which we ramble and complain

I will *sniff* take my beautiful tree down today. I will glue, paint, and apply glitter to whatever else needs fixing - did some yesterday. I like putting Christmas away, just as much as setting it up! But I meant to buy some more white crepe paper... I will make do.

I get very cross when I cannot leave a comment on someone's post, because the reception is so bad here. And often, I have to try several times just to get my own posts up. And I would like to search for carnival and j'ouvert sites to put some links for people who don't know about carnival and j'ouvert, but I will have to do it another time when I am in town. I hope that when "Greendot" comes and puts a dish up, matters will improve drastically.

Sam's pajama top stuck to the ripstick-ing wound on his elbow. Drama.

Max says that he needs to invite a friend over who is a black belt in something, so they can beat Sam up. I suggested origami. Max said "YEAH!"

Chas has gone back into the bush, with my parents. I think they are going to search for Cipriani's airplane crash site.

Carnival season has begun, and we are playing J'ouvert in Chaguanas. Not pretty mas. For babysitting and financial reasons.

And now, I will make an enormous mushroomy breakfast to celebrate the end of Christmas. And pancakes, Max says.

Let's see how long this takes to post... Grumble grumble.


Anonymous said…
Oh, those deadly origami matches!
Anonymous said…
Oh I feel your pain. Whenever I miss life in Mauritania, I remember how I literally tore my hair out in frustration at the horrible and intermittent internet!
I hope you can explain j'ournet (??) soon. Is it like Carnival in France? Any connection?