JOY! school starts Monday!

Macrobrachium carcinus, faustinum, crenulatum; Atyidae scabra, lanips, innocous.

They are spending the night in two large coolers outside. Another cooler houses two wabines, and the LID IS CLOSED because them fishes can jump high and run fast.

I am an expert on crayfish now. I can tell you with some authority that "Macrobrachium Carcinus" means: "Look! Mother is resting by the riverbank! Her feet are tired, see how she puts her head back upon her backpack and shuts her eyes. Let us drop this annoyed, vicious crayfish into her top and see how she leaps about cursing and shrieking while it nips her savagely upon her boobs!"

AND there was MUCH rejoicing.


Anonymous said…
And I would christen it "dinner".