nature as an endless source of entertainment

DID YOU KNOW that there was once a carnivorous, sabre-toothed kangaroo?? This is a FACT, according to those smart archaeologist types. Can you just picture that? Let us think about that for a minute:


Okay, your minute is up. Sean has been reading to me, which makes writing difficult. It's not that he is TRYING to distract me, it is just that when someone in the bed beside you is rolling about cackling hysterically with tears streaming down their face, it is difficult to concentrate. I say "What? What?!!" and I get a paragraph of glee.

Tonight, it is "Animal Ignorance" by John Lloyd et al. Sean has a way of telling jokes and reading funny stuff that is so brilliant. When I tell jokes, the only person who really laughs is me. Sean laughs too, but only out of kindness. Everyone else looks at me, giggling helplessly at my own lame joke, with great pity. I think it's because my jokes are just way too complex and intellectual for everyone, and they need a sort of evolutionary leap in order to appreciate my humour.

Moving right along, very quickly;

Tomorrow we are going to see Sean's sister before she goes back to London, and then the boys and I are going to our favorite place, Brasso Seco Forest. We will spend the night there, and then do a hike on Thursday. I will take pictures of things that cannot run away, complain or hide their faces, like fungi. And ferns. With my super-macro function. So there! Chas has promised Professor Skinner some new crayfish specimens, so he will be wading about with a net going "aha! Macroburcreum Crosidium!!" at intervals. I will have to ask him how to really spell that, I think I have the last part completely wrong anyway. Every batty old professor with an interest in crustaceans needs an energetic ten-year-old enthusiast like Chas to do his field work.

Every ten-year-old like Chas needs to have a batty professor buddy to get him all fired up about crustaceans.

I like crayfish: In an aquarium, they are WAY more interesting than most fish. They have a social pecking order, and EAT any relatives who they deem to be useless. And they are smart. Some types of crayfish will grab a piece of fish food and then hold it out singing "heeere, fishy fishy!" while staying absolutely still. The little fishies come along to nibble the flake of food, and SNAP! Two halves of fishy! Then the crayfish eats the fishy.

Some crayfish are vegetarians, and they tend to skulk about under rocks while all of the action is going on. They wring their hands, and look aggrieved. Chas gave all of his crayfish away to his batty old professor friend, in exchange for some very boring angel fish. Now, if we put more crayfish back into the tank they will EAT the angelfish. I am waiting to see what will transpire. Will we catch more crayfish for ourselves? Will Chas wise up and demand cold hard cash for crustaceans? Will the angels end up in the pond to fend for themselves? Is there still a cayman living in that pond?

Tune in next time for more action and intrigue!


Anonymous said…
You got me hooked! But then, I come to see you most every day.