not working

Here I am, not working. I have a headache, I think I am coming down with something. I do believe I heard one or two kids sneeze over the weekend, but THEY never get SICK. They had chickenpox about two and a half years ago, and two years ago they had a dreadful tummy bug, but apart from that, they never even get a runny nose. Even the chickenpox was just a two-week holiday of playing inside and counting each others' spots, and giggling with their arms outstretched while Caladryl dried on their naked bodies.

No, they don't get sick. I have tried feeding them junk, keeping them up late, and letting them eat things off the floor. No dice. What they do, is bring the bug home from school, incubate the bug, till it is MEGABUG, and then give it to me.

So, I am going to be lazy today. I will read random blogs and giggle, and drink cups of "calming tea" which Hazel has left here at the studio, till it is time to pick up the kids and go home.