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My favorite crockpot recipe!

I have been inspired to share this because I am browsing around/slacking off/waiting to pick my Mum up off a ferry, and found a blog dedicated to crockpot recipes:

I love love love my crockpot. My family loves my crockpot. When the boys get into the car after an extra-long day of school, football (REAL football, with the feet, you know) etc, and they say "weee are HUUUUNGRY!" if I say "the crockpot is waiting for us!" it is like all has become well. They survive the long drive home in happy anticipation. So HERE is an easy recipe to try:

You will need

Lamb chops or cubes (defrosted), cut off as much fat as you can.
Chopped tinned tomatoes
Olive oil
Basil (plenty, fresh if possible)

Layer olive oil, lamb chops, sea salt, basil and other seasonings, then barley, then tomatoes. Keep layering. Cover well with water, the barley will soak it up.

Carrots are nice too, if your crockpot is a big one or your family is small. Oh! And wine. Glug some in. Taste first, just to make sure.

This can cook on "low" for up to ten hours, and is SO yummy and tender!

If there is fat floating on top, skim it off and give it to the dog over her chow, she will love you for ever. Unless she tends to get sick and throw up on the floor, then pour the fat down the drain.

Tomorrow: pot roast!


Stephanie ODea said…
yum! lol on giving the dog the fat and the glug of wine. I love using glugs.
thank you for the link!