* Leave home at the crack of dawn, and drive North-West to drop the kids to school in Port-of-Spain.

* Get entangled in Spaghetti Junction Construction & Longest Red Light In World.

* Head back South, to Claxton Bay Regional Life Centre.


* Lecture class for one hour, on the importance of breastfeeding, their rights, etc.

* Give talk to trainees in attendance, who will eventually take on some of my workload. Answer many questions. One of them is the Secretary of the Baby Friendly Initiative Group at Mt. Hope Hospital. Yessss!

* Pass at home to pick up forgotten changes of clothes for boys.

* Drive North again, to Aranjuez.


* LEFT at the Croisee, to First Citizen's Bank, to pay Regional Corporation Voucher. Cash only. No bathrooms. But great music! Kudos to those tellers, who can count money while there is a potential dance hall party going on.

* Back through the Croisee, to Regional Corporation with stamped voucher. No bathrooms. WAIT! At the back of MTS Plaza, Bathrooms! Of a sort. Well, any port in a storm!

* Practise the "stinky toilet hover".

* Our plans are not there. "Come back on Monday". Curse under breath, quietly, and smile sweetly at various Government Workers and assure them that driving all over Aranjuez is my favorite thing to do, in fact I have nothing else to do, so I will see them again on Monday.

* Head back to Port-of-Spain, and pick Chas up from school.

* Kill time browsing in Ellerslie Plaza. Buy on-sale battered copy of Sendak's "Outside Over There".

* Pick Max up from football. (that's "soccer" to some!)

* Pick Sam up from Painting class.

* Eat.

* Head back to school for "Open Evening" parent-teacher meetings and reports. Note that Sam did not come first OR second, or even third, which is a "first". His attitude needs tweaking, as does his handwriting. Fourth place! You should have SEEN his face! He spends the entire lesson reading or doodling under his desk. Chas is trying hard, and that will slowly show up in his grades. Focus, Chasbo! Max is reading, adding and colouring at a rate and loving it.

* Hop back into the car, and drive home via SJC&LRLIW.

* Notice that my blogging is directly proportionate to the amount of time I spend at red lights.

* Stop in Chaguanas for the boys to see Uncle Scott's Rally Car, the coolest thing ever. Get kids to bathe. Notice that they smell the same as before.

* Go home.


GirlBlue said…
Get kids to bathe. Notice that they smell the same as before.

BlueBella said…
Oh my you are a busy girl! Keep on truckin sweets.
Now I need a nap you wore me out!