So, about this puzzle.

3,000 pieces, depicting a battle at sea, done in oils. I think it's the Spanish Armada and the British Navy, many sinking ships, explosions and men in rowboats. The whole thing is done in shades of brown: Maroon, sepia, ochre, gamboge, umber, copper, olive, sap, burgundy, gold and wine, with grey and lilac skies.

I figured this would be a great way for Sam and I to reconnect this weekend, as Sam is going through a severe phase of middle-child-syndrome. "Hey, if you think I need to bathe, you should just CUT OFF YOUR NOSE!" I thought it would be fun and therapeutic for us to do something that we both love together, and talk.

Do you know what maroon, sepia, ochre, gamboge, umber, copper, olive, sap, burgundy and wine colours look like to someone who is colour blind?


When I invited Sam to come and help me sort pieces, he came over and made himself comfy, looked in the box and said "PFFFT!" And he walked away.

Okay, so I can file that idea under "Blunders in Parenting." But once I get a few neat little heaps of "sky" sorted, Sam can join me.

We have the frame almost complete, and I am working on the "frigging rigging" while Aunty Saadia helps. Sharon had better get her ass over here as soon as possible, and the next time I talk about purchasing a 3,000 piece puzzle entirely depicted in "brown", somebody had better kick me. Okay?

Have I said this before?

My father-in-law, one Christmas, gave me a huge puzzle with no edge pieces and a repeating design. I still can't decide if he loves me or hates me.


Anonymous said…
Facebook now has PuzzleBee, so you can do your puzzles digitally, even submit your own picture to make a puzzle of.
Candygirlflies said…
We do puzzles every Christmas, and I'll never forget the year my mother insisted on doing a double-sided, 1000 piece puzzle. It had the same picture printed on the back, but the image (of an ancient world map... ALL SEPIA-COLOURED) was turned sideways on the reverse side.

We all "pppphhhhtttt!!-ed" mother within the first 24 hours, but damned if she didn't finish it without us. Don't ask me how.

File THAT under "Things I'll Never Try Again"...

xo CGF