Sharon says that we should change our PICASSO acronym to "Perishing In Congestion, Almost Sorry we Started Out!" The traffic this morning nearly did her in, and made Flossy late too. I can just see Sharon, crawling up the highway, making more creative frustrated acronyms at each red light!

Today was our painting-out day, and we decided to converge at "Boissiere House" on the Queen's Park Savannah, because the building is for sale and WE ALL KNOW that beautiful historical buildings must be demolished to make room for high-rises. We may return next week, and we even have a Facebook "Group" now, posting where we will meet next for our growing numbers, because we are SO ORGANIZED! Or I should say, Sharon and Flossy are organized. But I got here on time, when it was cool and shady, so I am hip too.

Our facebook group is called PICASSO, so Trini artists, creative housewives and students, get with the program.

It is cool to check out everyone else's styles, and their "stuff". Janice uses a fishing tackle kit to carry her supplies. Flossy uses a wheeled backpack, filled with acrylic paint and large water bottle. Sharon has a wooden "sewing kit" and a small portable easel with a drawer for things. I also have an easel with a hinged lid, which I seldom use because I work too BIG. I have a huge drawing board with big bulldog clips and an elastic band, for drawing on but I am not happy with my storage for painting out. I either end up lugging a bunch of stuff because I don't know what I want to do, or I give up and walk with a sheet of brown paper and a piece of charcoal. This tactic was liberating for about 3 weeks, but umm, now?

At the moment all of my plein-aire supplies are spread about my bed and on the floor.

No laundry is being done here tonight!