cookies and forgiveness

Okay, so NOBODY wants the cat. That's fine, because this morning she presented me with a decapitated corpse, as a token of her love and sorrowful apology.

Plus, old Frankie loves her too, and she keeps him young with all that exercise.

All is forgiven!

Now, Anonymous, I have already posted the World-Famous Oatmeal Chocolate Chip Cookie recipe. If you were here on Sunday, you don't need to make cookies, because you have had ENOUGH! But then, everyone who was here on Sunday has the recipe already. Hmmm. It's a mystery. Whooooo is Anonymous?

I made 60 cookies on Sunday afternoon, when several people came over to hang out, which was very nice, and they were GONE by bedtime! I love it when that happens! the cookies had plenty of sliced almonds and choc chips in them, and I only had ONE! When I went for a second one, there weren't even crumbs left. Just a slightly sticky cooling rack.

You can click on the label "cooking" below, and that will bring up all recipes. Just scroll down a bit to October 22, and there you are. I just checked to make sure it works, and spent an enjoyable time reading pre-Christmas posts and cracking myself up. Enjoy your cookies!!


Avery Gray said…
Oh, man! Just what I need! Another cookie recipe. And they sound like delicious perfection, too!

Curse you, Nan! I'm trying to be good!
Anonymous said…
o shucks! sorry nan, didn't realise that i didn't sign at the end. it's beans! i am anonymous!