dear Small and Beans,

I AM IN GLEE!! Sam and I are hopping on a plane on May 1st or so, and heading for Roswell, Georgia. We will have a huge Christening Party for my New Godson, the Sweet Baby James. Also, we will hug and kiss Sally, Jimmy, Aunty Mon, and Sally's whole extended family. My kinda adopted extended family. I love those people!

THEN Sam and I will hop on another plane, and head to London to see my Sister, Sister in law, aunts, uncles, grandmother, cousins several times removed, friends, former roommates and drinking buddies, and the T-Rex at the museum. The one that sort of lunges at you as you go by, and Chas and I had to go by SIX TIMES when I took Chas a few years ago!!

We will walk for miles on ye olde streets and fields, eat bangers, and fruit and cream, and pub lunches, see very old things, do the galleries, buy art supplies, shop in real bookstores, and if Sam's dream comes true, it will be cold enough at least once, for him to see his breath. All Sam wants is to have to wear long sleeves, and shoes and socks. "What do you want to do in England, Sam?" "I want to feel cold outside."

We are going to HAVE A BALL!! I have been so giddy with joy that I forgot that Sam does not have a UK passport, and therefore he needs a US Visa to go to Georgia. AACK! Damn! So I had better get my act together. I just did the online application on Mum and Dad's computer, and I have the printout, and I am heading to town with it all tomorrow. Dude! Time is short!


Anonymous said…
I share your glee! It is contagious! Bring home a wireless router, since you have learned others cannot be relied upon. Safe travels. You *are* bringing the Blackberry, aren't you?
Nan Sheppard said…
Of course! I will keep up a running commentary on our activities!
Sounds like a great trip!
Anonymous said…
yyaaaayyyyy!!!!!! hurry up!!
love beans
Anonymous said…
Oh fun fun fun fun FUN! Have a super-wonderful trip.
Anonymous said…
Im SURE Sam will see his breath in Tallinn :-P

Hopefully I will be over for a weekend to see you guys and do Ye Olde Stuff too... i'm dying to spend more time in the National Gallery.

What weekend is best?