...Before I have to beat somebody!

Formula is bad.
Breastfeeding is good.

It is very simple. Agencies that promote bottle feeding and formula are KILLING BABIES!

See statistics here:


And HOLD MIH BACK man! The West Indian in me is boiling over.

(Disclaimer: This is not an official breastfeeding site, just a mad blog. My words here are not affiliated with any of the excellent organizations which I work for. They don't want to beat anyone, and are very tactful and politically correct. I promise to be as politically correct as possible elsewhere. Amen.)


Anonymous said…
Totally fine with you feeling that way...however as someone who physically couldn't breastfeed (and believe me, I tried. But two babies on one breast is untenable), reading that I was "killing" my kids smarts. Just a little. :)
Nan Sheppard said…
Sorry, AmyL, I went a little bananas there... Notice I said "Agencies that promote", not "Mothers who choose". Believe it or not, there are still hospitals which whisk the newborn baby away for a formula feed, and actively discourage breastfeeding. In Gastroenteritis-prone areas, this is such bad practice.

I have dear friends who have bottle fed their babies, and they are great Moms with healthy babies.
A few things got me riled up this week... I know that yelling "BABY KILLERS!" doesn't help anyone, and makes me look like a crazy woman, but it's better that I do it here on my own blog, than elsewhere!
Ash said…
Dude, I know! Formula companies=Evil!

Breastfeeding=Nature intended.
Anonymous said…
Nan, that mentality is so pervasive in trini society and it really pisses me off too. I can't count how many people (from home) keep trying to encourage me to stop breastfeeding or to start giving Zara cereal, fruit juice, formula etc. It's like they cannot comprehend that I want to exclusively BF for at least 6 months. And since I read recently that its their best nutrition for the first year, I have extended my original decision.

I totally understand you being so pissed off.