it's not all bad, Trini!

Things I love about Trinidad:

* Diana Chocolate Centre Mints

* All Veg Roti with Mango.

* Cocoa Tea

* Wearing go-forwards all year. (flip flops!) (hey, I'm self-employed! I can wear anything at work!)

* "Auntie!"

* Rainforest hikes

* The SEA! When I get to the beach, all my cares just melt away, flow into the water, and turn into phytoplankton. They squiggle about helplessly, sparkling in the sun. And in Mayaro, the ospreys come and hover over me and say "hi!". They do their best aeronautical tricks, and splash into the water with mighty splashes. All for me.

* The way Trinis laugh: "Kyaaah kyaah!", "OOooh, lord chile!"

* Gesturing with one's chin: "He."

* The fact that men stop to help a woman with a flat tyre.

* That if my kids are doing something wrong, someone will tell them off. Sternly. I can do this to other kids too. A child is raised by the whole society, and we all feel responsible.

* There are guppies and wabines living in most drains, still. They will live in a jar for weeks, till someone puts them back in the drain.

* Watching Trinis dance.

* Those sudden torrential rains that drop 4 inches of water on the land and then stop and steam.

* Dry season, Poui trees in bloom.

* Mango Season.

* Giving and receiving a "Right!".

* Our beautiful, multi-racial children. A Canadian headmistress once told me, "I have worked all over the world, and I have never seen such beautiful children. They are all mixed, and it is astonishing to see them!" Our races mix with hardly a problem. In spite of politicians' best efforts.

* Our Music, the best in the universe.

* My husband. Oh yes, really and truly.

* The logos on Maxi-Taxis and cars: "Too Bless to be Stress!" , "Ketch mih nuh" , "Neemakaram", "Life is like sugar cane, hard but sweet!"

* Callalloo!

* Curry crab an' dumplin'.

* Cassava oil down.

Oh lors, now I am hungry. Have I forgotten anything important?


Candygirlflies said…
Only yourself!!

Don't forget Nan!!

xo CGF
Anonymous said…
Things I love about Trini: Nan.
You need to submit that to the bureau of tourism, Nan. It makes me want to go there.
Anonymous said…
AHMM!!! HELLOOOOO!!! CARNIVAL... J'OUVERT... Coconut water around the Savannah, liming, the fact that you always know your neighbours (and their business), being able to drop in on friends unannounced, Aunty Fatima's corn soup, doubles, bake and shark, down the islands, no other Christmas in the WORLD compares to trini christmas...


I could go on and on and on.

I miss home.
Nan Sheppard said…
I KNEw You could think of a few more!
Andreamuse said…
This list made me grin.

I'm a newbie in Trinidad (my husband's working at UWI), but you've expressed so many things that have caught my attention in the two months since I've been here! :-)