male bonding

I do homework every single day of my damn life, okay? I do the fractions, the long division, the cups of cocoa, the snacks, the calling-the-friend-cause-we-forgot-the-book, the tears. Homework is the boys responsibility, totally, but I am on call to help at anytime. I am pretty capable.


When DADDY is around, suddenly I am not needed. I hear a boy sigh, and steups, and he gets up with his book.

"What's up, honey?" I ask, looking up from my ironing.

"Multiplying fractions. It's okay, I'll ask Dad. HE understands these things."

"He's outside. Can I help?"

"No, no. Dad is better at this MATH stuff."

Hello? HELLO? Am I not the one who explained all those LCM thingies to you?? I can do math too, you know! And tomorrow, when DAD isn't here, you will be running to me with that same math book, ya little wretch!!!

There is a testosterone club in my house. Part of me gets all feminist, but the other part says "Boy, my car could use a wash!" and they all run out and wash the little lady's car with their DADDY, their hero, the #1 man, the best daddy in the whole world. They talk non-stop about cars, racing, and other manly things. They are only my boys when daddy's not here.

At least the cat is still talking to me.


Oh, I can relate!
My boys are also only mine when Daddy's not home. As soon as he walks in the door I am second place.
Candygirlflies said…
It's aaaaaaallllll about estrogen around here.

And I'm jealous of you, I really, truly am.

Because, I never get a goddamn break. Not even to paint my toenails, because THEN, all of them will want THEIR toenails painted, too!!

I tell you what-- we'll do a swap every once in awhile. I'll let you know the next time my car needs washing (like, yesterday...)

xoxo CGF