Mayaro bliss...

We left home early, with a car packed to capacity. "Guys, we are going for just three days. You can live without most of this stuff for three days!" but what do I know?

We drove merrily down the road, listening to story CDs. We arrived to a house that had been locked up for a while and had gunge and ick everywhere. I went on a cleaning spree, and made the children suffer by preventing them from running immediately to the beach. I made them work, and when we were done I released them into the wild and started dinner just as Debs and Kelli arrived. Sharon got here just around dinner time.

Everything went fine after that. Chocolate, wine, and shake 'n' bake chicken and mashed potatoes, and cookies, beach football match, cricket, and what else? We have two fourteen year old girls, who have not stopped giggling since they arrived. They have been playing a card game called "spit", the best teenage girl card game in the world. I used to be a champion in my day!

The weather was lovely today. Pelicans splooshed, but jellyfish bobbed. The boys surfed. Sam and Luke have a very violent game where they take one wave together and then crash their boogey boards (soft boards) repeatedly against one another until one person is left alive. Then they rush out and do it again. Chas surfed his hard board, weaving speedily between the other boys and giving me a nervous breakdown till I made him move along the beach a way. That board is just a bit POINTY.

So far, only minor injuries: one man-p-war jellyfish sting, and a wrestling match tonight that ended in serious fallout and everyone being sent to bed.

Besides our two girls, we have TEN boys. Suzie couldn't come but sent Luke and Johann (ah, smart chick! Why didn't I think of that?); Kelli is here with Ben and David; Debs has James and Alex; Sharon has Mikey; and of course my three. So we are prepared, like good boy scouts, with first-aid kit and watchful eyes.

We brought a huge cardboard box of oranges from our garden, and then Kelli said "ta daa! I brought oranges!" so Kelli and I sat and peeled oranges and cut them for ages while boys passed by like an endless orange-sucking thing. As fast as I peeled and cut in half, oranges were taken and eaten.

Getting sick in this house this week will be an impossibility.

Barbados is expecting 16 foot waves, so we may have some high seas here too tomorrow. We have had about a hundred calls and texts to say "Be careful!!" we are hoping for the high seas, being storm lovers, and every surfer has called in to work sick and is sitting on a beach in anticipation.

I am tipsy and sleepy, and I think I had better go and hop into bed with a boy. They are scattered everywhere, and may need to be moved around like a Chinese puzzle, to get them all to fit so that WE can fit!

Tomorrow I get to take off my boob job bandage, which will be a relief. Itchy! Uncomfortable!

Nighty night!


Anonymous said…
You surely do know how to have a great time, Nan. Thanks for sharing with us.
Anonymous said…
Sounds like a perfect Easter weekend :) I was telling hubby about a typical Easter beach weekend in trini. He said that we can go to the beach here... it is snowing... oooh, FUN....not.

4 months to go!!!
GirlBlue said…
Sounds as if you guys are having great fun!

Just don't turn into a fish tomorrow