shameless plagiarism

Okay, if anyone has ever had a cat, or is thinking of getting a cat, or knows someone who is thinking of one day getting a cat, go and read this: How To Give A Cat A Pill. I just laughed till I cried, peed myself, and now my belly aches and I keep giggling, and I am going to go and read it again.


Anonymous said…
Have you read how to give the cat a bath?
LOve that one too.
Anonymous said…
That was about the only thing that made me laugh this week.
Nan Sheppard said…
"How To Give A Cat A Bath" is funny, but the pill one is hysterical. Plus, who would give a cat a bath? Cats can stay dirty and survive. But sometimes you have to give them a pill, to keep them alive. OR call the Splendid Vet to make a house call, and pay him an arm and two legs.