Sir Bunty of Eden has done all the work for me!

This morning I had a lump removed from my boob, small and without any "suspicious characteristics", and it has been sent to biopsy. My brain is still fuzzy so I am pleased to have a story of The Great Nan and Sligo Birthday Celebration to share with everyone, with no effort at all on my part! Mum (Sir Bunt) wrote all about the party and emailed it to my sister and others, so I will include it in this post!

I am also in the middle of writing a nice long informative post, but days recently have been so insanely busy with end of term, wrapping up work, planning vacations with booking and payments, pardon-my-french transmission problems, boob jobs, birthday plans, etc, etc, etc, and then, you know, laundry and cooking (bare essentials, the last few weeks!) that I feel just like this sentence. Breathless and manic. By the time it's all written it will be totally obsolete and I will have to write cute stories about boys on the beach. Which are more fun anyway!

So here you are, best beloveds, plagiarism at it's best: the letter from Bunty to Small and the Sisters of Eden!


Dear Sisters and Daughter,

The Birthday Bash in the Bush was a great success. At the end of a
long and winding mountain road, guests kept arriving and pouring out
of their cars. Other people kept phoning to say that they had run
out of road, couldn't turn around and where were they? Some guests,
such as Judy's sisters clearly did not approve of the venue but they
came anyway to support their sister Judy, bearing giant bottles of
drink and good food. The Lord of Sligo (whose back surgery has been
a great success) stood smiling before the old cocoa shed, panama hat
on head, sweet smile on face, leaning (nobly) on a great staff. The
very picture of the old colonial master receiving his huge pumpkin
vine family with benign regret. There were huge pots of chicken stew
and pigeon peas that Carl had prepared using only freshly grown
Brasso herbs, slices of ham and fine cheeses, buljol and crix, two
kinds of birthday cakes and ice cream - it reminded me of that old
song of Jack Eden:

"There was forks and knives
and they ate away like beggars for their lives
and the boys and the girls and the fellers and their wives
nearly ate up half the town"!

The feast was served on a massive table made of some tropical
hardwood, under the shed of palm thatch, dimly lit by the green
forest growing closely all around. The fireside kept up a gentle
smell of wood smoke and steaming coffee. It was a great tribute to
Judy who was happy for the overall success. Nan took a back seat due
to being only 8th in line to the Throne - but she was busy with about
ten little boys who found their way to the stream and clambered up
the mountainside till they reached the 6th waterfall and that was too
high to scale. They collected crayfish in traps cunningly made from
plastic drinking water bottles. They filled up the old copper
cauldron and made a whirlpool by swimming together round and round
until they surely should have been sucked down to the centre of the

The plastic water bottles also made fine percussion accompaniment
when filled with a little bit of rice or pebbles, for that song of
Sting "An Englishman in New York" as performed by Jimbo and 4 small
boys including Alex who chewed on a plastic plate in time to the
music. There was more along those urban lines and then after Happy
Birthday had been sung and Sligo and Nan cut the cake, Chas took over
with "Hotel California" accompanying himself on the cuatro. A great
celebration, Sligo is indeed Back!

Lots of love to all, and please send on to your sons and husbands as
I have only addressed the women here.



I would just like to add that when I was supposed to be looking out for small boys I was lurking in the undergrowth with Sharon, painting foliage.

Who'da thunk you could have done so many things with drinking water bottles? Chas now has an entire aquarium devoted to crayfish, which are WAY more interesting than regular fish. He found another researcher down the hill, a Californian (, Kelly has been keeping him a secret or something!), and learned all about the "lek" of the little hermit hummingbird, mist netting, and so on and so forth.

Soon, my lovies, I will write more. I will also read more, as I am missing all of everyone's news! So don't anyone do anythning interesting till, like, the day after tomorrow. Okay?


Anonymous said…
Here's to the non-suspicious lump coming back clean! Thank you for sharing your wondrous celebration.
Anonymous said…
So THATS what the pic on Sean's facebook was about. WHEW. Glad everything is ok there :)

Birthday in the Bush sounds like it was a blast! Your mom has a way with words... she should start her own blog too :)

Looks like i wont make it to London, but i WILL be in trini for summer! YAY YAY YAAAAYYYYYY!! Can we crash DDI for 1 week? We're gonna hit tobago for about a week as well at the end of July.

I hope the time flies. I'm tired of snow and cold. bleh
GirlBlue said…
Sounds like you had a lovely time Nan, can't wait to hear your version of the story though.

The hardest part of biopsies is waiting on the results. That was the worst three weeks of my life nevermind they said it was only going to be two. It will be fine, don't worry about it.