snuggle bunnies

Sean and Chas are deeply engrossed in fighter-fish breeding. It's their latest project.... And it involves bringing the HOSE into the HOUSE to fill the tanks. I smell disaster.

I am deeply engrossed in cleaning my house, which has been ignored for weeks and looks it. I may attempt to pack nine-tenths of our books into boxes and put them in Mum and Dad's attic. Every time I try this, I fail. Sean and I stand and gaze at our piles and stacks of books, and end up with three in the box. As there is no point trekking to the attic to pack away three books, they go back on a shelf or in a heap for next time.

Last night, I had the worst kind of dreams. No, not the heart-pounding, self-analysing type that wake you breathless and scared. No. I dreamed that I paid the phone bill. Went to the bank. WASHED THE DISHES!! All night long!


Well, I got plenty done today.

All day long, I said, "Shit. Didn't I already DO THIS?!?!" Don't I get some kind of credit or something? I feel like I have had TWO days of toil. Can I get a replay of last night's sleep with different dreams, please? Maybe I need to read something incredibly romantic tonight before I go to sleep. Have I mentioned that my bedroom is STILL half-painted?

Will Nan's bedroom get painted this weekend?

Will her dreams be filled with lust and poetry if it does?

Possibly. I got plenty of the "must-do's" done today. I can maybe do some of the "want to do's".

I have been Easter Bunnying tonight, making a basket with THREE BUNNIES! It is so cute. I am so looking forward to a chocolate breakfast!

At bedtime, Max said, "Will you get Easter Eggs this year, Mum?"

"No, honey, grownups don't get Easter Eggs."

"Well, I will share mine with you!"

"I know you will, babe. You always do. The Easter Bunny knows it too!"

"I love you! Have a good Easter Sleep!"


I got back into bed with him for extra kisses. Because he is soon going to be TOO BIG to believe so deeply in the Easter Bunny, and too long and pointy to cradle in my arms, and too cynical and knowing to want to give me his chocolate.


GirlBlue said…
I do love reading about you and your family so much.

Have sweet romance filled dreams tonight Nan.
Candygirlflies said…
Happy Easter Bunny, Nan.

Dream of chocolate tonight!

xo CGF