still stranded

Well, we don't want to leave, and it looks like we won't be able to! Tomorrow we will pack up all our cares and woes, and go to the port to see if we can get the cars and families on a ferry back home. Cross fingers! There has been some kind of strike at the port so who knows?

My boys have been playing musical beds, in true "it's time to go home" fashion. We are almost out of food, sunblock, clean clothes and wine.

Sean and I snorkeled today, and said goodbye to the crazy fishies in all their crazy colours. Then, we all drove over the hill to Charlotteville, and decided to stay at Man-o-War cottages there next year. It is much more basic: no airconditioning! Windows and doors screened to keep bugs out!

It is also about half the price of Blue Waters. Important point!

We used to go to Charlotteville as kids, and it is a rustic paradise. We can take the sailing dinghy, and the kids can go wild.

Today, we bought icecream in Charlotteville Village, and wandered around. We visited Pat, Mum and Dad's friend who owns the cottages. We drove up flagstaff hill.

Then, we came back and ate leftovers, and everyone is outside chatting with some of sean's extended family who turned up, while I am unsociably blogging. I am so tired! I should go and say hi, and goodnight! Wish us luck getting on the five o'clock ferry tomorrow! That's the S family, the L family, and both our vehicles. We are asking a lot! But hey, the universe is a generous and loving place!


Anonymous said…
Ooooh... i LOVE blue waters. It's so beautiful there. Do you have contact info for Man O War? Although we might just end up staying at Johnson's or Sandy Point cuz they are so near the airport, and i dunno if we will rent a car.

im getting sooooo excited Nan!! The time can't go quick enough!
Candygirlflies said…
No clean clothes, I could handle... but NO WINE???


Good luck!

Glad you've had such a lovely time.

xo CGF