am having a title crisis...

I know, I know. I have been a bad Blogger. After my luverly and peaceful Sunday, I had a mad next few days.

Max had a fever on Sunday night, and stayed with me on Monday. It was one of those where one minute he languishes and the next he is bouncing around going "I AM STARVING! Can we go to the zoo?" The old wives call it a "Growing Fever". We had a nice day together, and he drank an entire litre of coconut water. He had no other symptoms except occasional aches, which made me panic about Dengue Fever. We also know two guys who have got Malaria from hunting down in the bush in Guayaguayare. But no, he's fine now, and was never that sick. (The malaria hunters were quarantined by the ministry of health at St. Clair. Take note, Trinis going to guaya. Call the ministry if you know anyone who's been in that area and is showing symptoms: chills and shakes, mainly.)

A guy came to look at the Pardon-My-French Car, and he obviously knew a thing or two about these cars. He knew how to open the hood, for instance, a feat which most people spend hours trying to perform.

He also seemed totally unsurprised at the transmission problem, another sign that he's probably had experience with Pardon-My-French Cars.

Today, we are supposed to meet to make the sale and transfer. Wish me luck. Last night, my Blackberry dumped my entire call log and naturally, I hadn't saved the guy's number. All I know is his name was Dave... Hatchem? Ha... Something. I really hope the guy calls. It's a real blonde moment, folks. Lots of other people called, but I told them "Sorry, sold!"

I seem to have many of those blonde moments, nowadays.

I have been watercolouring like crazy, trying to get all of the dumb stuff out of my system. I have been loosening up a bit, but still feel frustrated. I could just do really finicky illustrations, I am good at that, but I SO want to loosen up. And then I think, why not just do a whole series of illustrations of birds and orchids, they will sell like hot cakes. And be finicky, dammit!

But I already do that in tile, y'know?

So my brain is going "wish Dave whatzizname would call... Maybe I need a different medium?.... Wasn't his number 75 something? 750... Geez, I,m leaving in ten days, I need to PACK. I could just go back to charcoal again... Would love to have an exhibition... Why didn't I save his number? Dummy!..." These thoughts buzzed aroung my head all the way to town, while the boys read signs and billboards in "Mr. Voice" American-accented voices: "Blink Broadband. It's That Fast."..."K. Mohammed. Fine Indian Cuisine."..."Pepsi. Ask For More."..."Vote UNC Alliance."

You had to be there.