back to life, back to reality



I am freaking out about the COST of the tickets. I hate spending large sums of money. It worries me.


I am giddy with joy.
What a day. It was busy. Real life has struck back in the form of piles of laundry that smell like Tobago: (Things I've Found In Pockets: bits of sea fan, almost petrified crab claws, shells, rocks, sand, small fishes. These things were all very nice when first discovered on the beach, but after a few days in warm, damp swimming trunks pockets... Not so nice. There is a certain smell.) Also, the cupboards are bare, and cat hair is all over everything. The dog smells as bad as the laundry, in a different and not complimentary way. And, my car is mysteriously full of tools, a set of dirt tyres, grease and dirt, and gravel. I have my work cut out for me.

I have been to the bank, grocery, other bank, travel agency, etc, so I am prepared for the Great Cleanup tomorrow.

I am at my mother-in-law's house, where I came with a bunch of heliconias and bromeliads (prickly but beautiful) and a big apology: I did not tell her about my good boobie results when I got them, and she continued worrying for two days while I kayaked blithely about Tobago, ignoring my phonecalls.

I am a bad, ungrateful, unfeeling daughter-in-law. Fatima prayed right through the entire Koran, I bet, while panicking and losing sleep. I should have called her immediately, and I am really feeling bad that I didn't. Fatima said that was fine, not to feel bad, and she loved the flowers, so all is well. Usually, when there is anything to be worried about, we are careful not to tell Fats because of the extent of the worry and loss of sleep that ensues, but somehow this came out, I can't remember why.

Probably, a good thing. Prayers are always good, I believe, and those heartfelt prayers for my good health may have made all of the difference. Thank you to EVERYONE who prayed, sent good vibes, and hoped for the best.

Fatima made her amazing Curry Crab And Dumplin' today, a huge pot. It is good to visit, the boys haven't seen much of their Gramma lately! They adore her. Sean will come over when he has finished work, to eat and hang out, and then we will go home. I am pooped! So is Sean! And so are the boys, who sat at the bank for an hour, among other boring things, with me today. I hate taking kids on errands like that!

School starts on Monday, and I go back to work. Has anyone else's holiday ended? How is it going?


Anonymous said…
sigh... aunty fats' curry crab and dumpling.... sigh
BlueBella said…
I am so glad for the good boobie results for you! Yay!
And the curry crab sound delicious!