carry on, carry on

Helloooo! Long time no speak! I've missed you, my bloggies.

But I really have nothing much to say for myself. I ought to, life is incredibly full and hectic, but I don't know where to begin! I am sure that an entertaining post could be constructed on What Happens When You Don't Do Your Homework; or Monday morning's really great yoga class; or why the dog has to wake me up to be let in if she's out OR out if she's in; or the fact that there is STILL a bag that hasn't been unpacked since Tobago; or the increasingly dreadful traffic situation; or the fact that our water rates have gone up but we STILL don't get water on a regular basis.

But I am just very busy. Very very. Writing is not happening.

We are all well. Even Kermit the Flying Crapaud is doing just fine, you will be relieved and happy to hear.

Carry on. Read other blogs. But I will be back soon, once my brain isn't overflowing with information, lists, piles of laundry, and cobwebs which cling to the ceiling-fans.


Anonymous said…
Your updates in my reader chime a little bit of joy in my life
Candygirlflies said…
Hey! Don't leave me!!!

Missing you already. You're the only one who "gets" my kind of funny!!!!

Hurry back.

xoxo CGF