Sharon came over, bringing with her a bottle of wine, so if my grammar is a little offish blame Sharon.

Sean and Chas' fighter fishes have amazingly cool tanks now with Tobago-esque interior decor: coral, shells and sea fans that we brought back in the truck have been washed and arranged for the benefit of the fishies.

Kermit the Flying Crapaud is absolutely thrilled with his new holiday residences. He said that aquariums sure beat toilets for aesthetic appeal, and he enjoys the company of the fishes. I told him that he was definitely NOT invited to live there, but he posed seductively against the glass, showing off his creamy belly and turquoise blue toes, and I caved.

I told him he could stay.

What am I to do? Kermit is a long-standing member of the family. How can I tell him his place is in the toilet? And you know what? I am really happy that he's not there, waiting for me, in the dark of night. My toilet is frog-free (for now) and that makes me happy.

Sharon has a frog too, and she says her frog is bigger than mine. I will forgive her because she is drunk. Her frog is starring on facebook. He is such a Diva.

If I had a blog that wasn't read by everyone I know, family, and the guys who work with Sean, I would tell you what else we talked about. Does anyone else have this problem? Am I drink? Drunk? I mean?

Stephanie is learning to drive. It MAY be time to move to Dubai.

Mikey is spending the night. He and Sam are squeezed into the top bunk, which is a single, while Max is spread out below on the double. I don't know why, who can fathom the logic of boys?? They are whispering noisily. I hopped into bed with them to read them a story, and realised that Mikey is not little any more. I will not be snuggling with him, that's for sure. When did this happen? How dare he? Aren't I the one who cleaned his vomit up from all over the wall, toys, bunk bed (the same bed!), window, floor and games? Didn't I rock him and snuggle him to sleep? Haven't I held him and comforted him when he cried? Who is this huge tall person?

The boys are all growing up so fast. They are becoming great young men. I am so proud of them all!

I am going to make them ALL wash, vacuum, wipe and CLEAN my car tomorrow. Child labour, I love it. My pardon-my-french car is finally officially for sale. I placed an ad which will run from Sunday in the "Express": PBP Peugot SW 307, seven seater, defective transmission. TT $35,000. Call 759 7181.

A refurbished transmission can be had for 14 to 16 thou, so it is not a bad deal. The power steering pump is new, with a five-year warranty, and the tire release cable and stuff is also new. I had the car serviced last month. The car has done plenty of mileage, but it is comfortable and roomy, and pretty reliable.

I would like to get something smaller, and more economical gas-wise. Japanese. Now that Sean has a BIG truck, and we hardly see Issa any more, I definitely can down-size. My car before this one was a little hatchback with a zippy manual transmission. I loved it. I will stick with automatic for now though, probably. I will see what is on the market, but Sean will have to make the final decision since he is the expert mechanic-type sexy helicopter guy.

I love a guy who talks carbouretors.

I would love to sell the car before I leave in May. That way I can forget about it till I get back. And when I get back, I can think about getting another car.

I am falling asleep. Tomorrow, visitors will come to visit. I am going to make lasagne. It will be fun!


Anonymous said…
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Candygirlflies said…
Hey. Wake up.

I still want to know what else you and Sharon talked about...

xo CGF

Nan Sheppard said…
Well, we talked about... Nope, I ain't tellin'!

But we weren't trading cookie recipes!