hot tip of the day

Sam just flew into the house, with his soccer shorts COMPLETELY COVERED with spiny burrs. "I was taking a shortcut!" he said. "How the heck do I get these things off? They are poking right through into my BALLS! AAARGH!" (A very good argument for wearing underwear even during school vacation, I think, but I save my breath.)

"Ummmm... I don't know. I think you have to pick them off one by one?" I said. I have actually thrown shorts away on occasion, when they were so badly burred.

Sam stood for a while, naked, deep in thought with his shorts in his hand. "okay, I need a haircutting comb." he said finally. He got the fine-toothed comb, and COMBED the burrs off. It took about ten seconds.

AND he's OFF! Into the wild blue yonder, upon who knows what new mission.


Anonymous said…
Smart boy! Lol. Too funny about the no underwear.
Julie Q. said…
Funny story. I'll keep the tip in mind should it come in handy. I remember getting burrs all over in my socks when I played outside as a kid. For some reason my kids don't ever get them. Maybe they are leading a deprived childhood! I need to send them out in the wilderness more.