i am fully collapsible.

I am collapsed in a heap on Sam and Max's bottom bunk with the fan pointed at me. NOT doing laundry, as previously advertised.

What a week. (you mean this isn't Friday? Nother day to go? Okay. I can do this.)

Yesterday, I took Sam to get his US visa. The less said about that experience the better, the visa and passport should be couriered to us in a few days. Fingers crossed!

I have been battling a UTI since the weekend. Usually, if I get a "twinge", I just drink a gallon of cranberry juice and I don't even have to mention it to anyone. It's history. But on Saturday morning, I woke up in agony and drove straight to "Ann's Shop", where San Francisco Settlement Road meets Chickland Caparo Road. This is a great little store where you can buy most of what you need, should you be in the area. Cheese, canned stuff, chicken parts, laundry detergent... Even bread and eggs, if you go on the right day, when the moon is waning and the day of the month adds up to a prime number. Recently Ann started stocking cranberry juice, which I did not buy before because the list of ingredients was dubious, and partly in Hindi. I do like to check my ingredients! Anyway, on the Saturday in question I bought the dubious cranberry juice (it being 45 minutes drive to the next nearest cranberry juice) and went home to lie down, drink the juice, and will myself better.

It didn't work. I think that juice is a dud. Anyway, after a few DAYS of feeling a little better, then running around doing stuff, then wanting to die, then feeling better, then ironing a cubic metre of clothes and sweeping the house and leafy porch, then feeling dreadful..... I drove through the pharmacy drive-thru and admitted defeat. Antibiotics.

I feel better now. But between the UTI from hell, the Embassy, and catching back up on work, let me tell you. I long for the weekend!!!

And tomorrow? Is school sports day. I HAVE to be there, but I will sneak away at some stage to receive some wooden frames from the wooden frames guy at work.

Now, I hate the way antibiotics are misused and abused. I feel that everyone should have a more healthy lifestyle, etc, etc. And more use could be made of herbs, massage, etc. We don't use a lot of antibiotics. But think back to the days before antibiotics. Think of the time your child had that AWFUL cough and roasting fever, the sound of his or her lungs full of gunk, the throat so sore they cried long tears without making a sound. You went straight to the doctor, didn't you? And he immediately prescribed antibiotics. Within a day, your baby was chatty and laughing again, asking for food.

Think of the terrible scrape they got on the leg, while skateboarding, which became red and sore. You put antibiotic cream on it! It healed beautifully.

Think of ear infections, how painful they are. Immediately cured! With wonderful antibiotics!

And now, think way, way, back, before penicillin was discovered. When mothers had to watch their child grow sicker and weaker and PRAY that they would fight off the infection with whatever medicine she had on hand. Usually, the child would get better. But sometimes not. Sometimes they wasted away as the bacteria living in them beat them up from inside.

Or watching a wound become septic, and battling infection until the only way to save the life of your child would be to remove the limb? And expose them to another infection?

Or your child losing their ability to hear through repeated lengthy ear infections?

Or suffering with a Urinary Tract Infection and just having to live with it? While it works its way to your kidneys and... Then what?

We live in a wonderful modern world, people. Antibiotics have allowed me to get on with my life, battling for me. I send a prayer of thanks to Whatzizname, who discovered them, and I don't know WHY I can't remember his name right now.

Sir Alexander Fleming!! (I didn't remember, I looked it up!)

Have you had a moment when you or your child have made a miraculous recovery thanks to antibiotics? That wonderful moment when they are suddenly looking better, hungry, chatting? When you thought you would never see them smile again? Do tell! Let us appreciate how lucky we are!


GirlBlue said…
Hope you feel better soon Nan

Glad you posted though I was missing you, I was in Nan withdrawal
Candygirlflies said…
I would not be here without the amazing "new" invention of antibiotics... my mother would have died of rheumatic fever in childhood.

My father, unfortunately, suffered recurrant ear infections that left him partially deaf... before antibiotics.

Oh, the marvelous mould!!

Glad you're feeling better.

xo CGF

ps. I'll get on that v.e.t. post, as soon as I scrape all the rest of this paint off of me.
Anonymous said…
(knock on wood) Zara hasn't needed them as yet, but as a sufferer of those dreaded UTI's.. let me tell you! There is no way i suffer through those anymore on cranberry juice. Last time I tried to do that, it went to my bladder and I ended up in complete agony at the hospital.

Hope you feel better soon!
Heike said…
Greetings Nan, thanks for visiting the Goddess in the Groove! I am so sorry, UTI's are a bummer. I would drink a gallon of Blueberry Juice (and drive the 45min to get the real stuff :)..). It is the new Cranberry.... Good healing to you!
Nan Sheppard said…
Thanks, my lovies! I am feeling much better. "blueberry is the new cranberry", huh? Hee hee! Would love to try it, Groovy Goddess, but it's never been heard of here in Trinidad! Ocean Spray Cranberry is the best we can do. Will try blueberry when I visit the Developed World in May, though!