i should be doing something else...

Well now, after a stiff cup of shower and a cool coffee, I take stock of my situation. Inasmuch as I am leaving on FRIDAY, for THREE WEEKS, you would think I would have begun to panic sooner. Also that I would not be blogging, because surely I have more pressing things to do today.

I do!

And it looks like the next few days are going to be, um, interesting. Not only do I have stacks of stuff to do, but Max won't let me out of his sight while I do them. He will be staying with my parents mostly while I am gone, with visits to Uncle Scott and Aunty Rachel's house where Max and Shane will hopefully have fun and go to school together.

Max will be fine. He adores my folks, and loves to spend time in their house, playing with Lego, gardening, and having Winnie-ther-Pooh read to him. He will miss quite a bit of school, which isn't a problem for him. We can always catch up at home during the summer holidays.

Chas cannot miss any school, as he sits the 11+ Exam in one year. (Barbaric system, I know! But he can do this, and get a place at a "prestige" government school, and I won't have to pay any more school fees.) Chas will stay with my bro and his wife, who live close to school. He is excited, but also slightly clingy.

I will be leaving enough work behind that the Beautiful and Talented Hazel will have plenty to do while I am away. I am glad to keep the studio running, and earning. That, I am pretty relaxed about. I have been building up work for weeks. When I get back, there will be plenty of tiles ready to fire and frame. Knock on wood.

Everything else is a mess. I need to start packing. Sean's cousing Atash emailed and asked me to bring him a dozen costumes for the Notting Hill Carnival, and my sister needs her Black and Decker drill kit and shoes. Sally has sent a shopping list as long as her arm, which includes Crix, Doubles and Charlie's Black Puddin' among many other things! You gotta love Trinis.

Otherwise you will strangle them. Of course, everyone needs a bottle of rum too.

There is no way I am going to try to enter the US with a suitcase full of black puddin.

So much for travelling light.

I have to get the laundry done, and start packing Chas and Max's lives into two suitcases.

I need to wrestle some people into submission, and make them pay me what they owe for tiles.

I need to find out what's keeping the bank with my credit card. I will need that!!!

I need to PACK! For me and Sam. Sam is SO EXCITED! We will go to the Aquarium in Atlanta, and Everywhere in London and Bournemouth.

I am missing Sean already.

The dog has to be bathed and then frontlined, (but not on the same day) or the moment I leave she will get ticks.

And there are hundreds of other things to see about. Bills to pay, foreign currency to buy, groceries to get, and some more work too.

News has come in that our Illustrious mobile service and Blackberry provider has begun charging huge sums of money for Blackberry use outside of T&T. I will find out if this is true, and if it is I will be switched off from Friday morning until May 24th. No posts will be posted, comments accepted, emails received or sent during that time. So don't try to send any!

I will maybe log on from Sally or Ailis' computers, but no promises. If anyone wants me urgently, call Sally or Ailis!

Keep me in your feed readers, my friends, for I WILL BE BACK! This week you may hear from me. Please send suggestions for cool stuff that we can do in Atlanta and London! Remember I have an eight-year-old boy with me. And, it's $13TT to the Pound. Gah.


Candygirlflies said…


You MAY NOT sign off on us, and leave us out of your Awesome Adventures!!

For God's Sake, woman, find some internet cafes, and keep us posted!!

Love ya-- miss you already.

Have a splendiferous time.

xoxo CGF