Kermit the homicidal killer frog

Yes, you heard right. Kermit is leaning toward a life of crime.

His forays into the fighter-fish aquariums have been fatal. The poison which covers his pretty body, we think, has killed three fish. Sad but true. There seems to be no other reason for our sudden deaths, and the fish are from different stores so it isn't something that they already had.

The aquariums are now covered up. I don't know where Kermit is, he's hiding!


Anonymous said…
That's so sad!
GirlBlue said…
Told you that frog was no good!

Got your message but could not respond as my darling company has that site blocked. My cell number is on my profile so you can give me a jingle and let me know how soon I could come collect.

Danke you are a doll

Maybe we should meet somewhere Kermitless...