snips and snails, swords and capes, bikes and boots.

After the ecstasy that was Friday, Sam went home with Jesse (also blue house!) to continue their celebrations, and hasn't been seen since. Last I heard, he said "send football uniform." I said "No. Will bring it on Monday." because I don't love him enough to drive into town to drop it there. I went and collected Max AND Shane from Shane's house, and Chas and I brought them home.

Our friends Carl and Kelly are visiting from Brasso Seco, with Khalil and baby Kamala. Carl is lecturing at a permaculture workshop this weekend, along with my parents, and Chas went off with them, so Kelly and I have been enjoying having a house full of five and six-year-old boys! Make that TWO housefulls: Kelly is bunking up by Mum and Dad this weekend, so the boys have been back and forth. Leaving a trail of swords, helmets, capes and boots in their wake. Chas had plenty to do, going off with his dad as well to race RC boats in south. He wasn't home much! So it was definitely a "little boys" weekend, which took me back a few years to when Issa stayed with us, and he, Chas and Sam were about the ages that Max, Khalil and Shane are now.

They tried to flood the bathroom, but they were foiled! Because when the big boys were "that age", I had a mason come to make a HOLE IN THE WALL at the most "downhill" point, so that all water flows OUT of the bathroom, under the house. Oh, yes, I am well prepared. Every mother of five and six year-olds should go immediately and do this. Simply fill your entire bathroom with about two inches of water, (or get your child to do it, and thank them nicely), and then begin mopping up. The area that stays wet longest is your lowest point, where your mason should drill a hole and insert a pipe which will channel all overflows out and away from the house. That way, if there is an attempted flood, it doesn't matter! It simply flows away!

Khalil has been wearing a bike helmet and elbow pads since Friday night.

Max and Shane wore a Viking helmet, most of the time. And batman and spiderman capes. Of course spiderman wears a cape, sillies! I made it myself at Max's instruction. Black with an extremely cool red velvet applique spider on. Anyone who sees that cape agrees that spider man would wear it if he only could!

They have been "smoking" sticks of white chalk, a worrying habit that Kelly and I are trying not to make a big deal out of.

The hammock is a ship in a stormy sea. There are sharks below the wooden deck.

Max wrapped himself in the hammock, and we said "Oh! A caterpillar in a cocoon! I wonder what it will be, a butterfly or a moth?" Max unrolled himself theatrically, and announced: "A WRESTLER!"

You can pick up some serious speed, biking down the hill to the ceramics workshop. Especially in a cape.

If a Jedi is killed and fed to the sharks, they can come back to life.

There are dragons in our forest.

If you chase a chicken long enough, will it lay an egg?

I will not get into the farting humour, as I am sure many of you will not find it as hilarious as small boys do.

If you try to make a cat stay and cuddle, she will scratch you. However, once you are quiet and still and almost sleeping, she will come back and apologise, so you can spend a snuggly night together.

But three super-boys in capes and assorted helmets cannot catch the cat the next morning.

If boys stay up till 9.30 giggling, they will still wake up giggling before 6.00 the next morning. Ravenous.

Small boys seem to eat more when they eat together... A good argument for sending them off to boarding school, if I ever heard one.

I will miss this when they are all "grown up". I realised this weekend that Chas and Sam don't wear capes any more. *sniff* Whatever am I going to do?


Anonymous said…
Gosh Nan, it sounds like the boys had a blast! But they really do grow up too fast. I'm trying to hold onto every second with my lil princess.. even the crying ones... cus i KNOW i will miss them.
Candygirlflies said…
Oh, c'mon.

Let us in on the fart jokes.

We can take it... and I could use a "fresh" supply...

xoxo CGF
Anonymous said…
Oh my. You nail little boys 100% here. Farts, wrestlers, water fetishes--all of it!
Anonymous said…
How prescient and wise of you to have a hole put in your bathroom wall! I wish I'd thought of that!
Nan Sheppard said…
Candygirlflies, I never want to hear another fart joke. Let's just say that there are many, many ways to make fart noises! You can do it under your armpit with your hand, you can use a whoopie cushion... The possibilities are endless! We even played I Spy and got "something beginning with F" and they collapsed in hysterics!

Planet Nomad, it was not prescience. Remember, before Max, Khalil and Shane there was Chas, Sam, Issa and often, Mikey! There were many, many floods in THOSE 3-6 year-old days!