Sunday morning

Aren't my titles getting boring? "Friday". "Sunday morning". Huh.

Lying in bed on a Sunday morning is Niiiice. I love it. It is very, very early, because I am just programmed to wake up early. I'm a morning person.

I went to tell my early risers, Chas and Max, NOT TO WAKE SAM, as Sam is a boy who needs plenty of sleep, and now I am back in bed.

From here I can look into the top of a Samaan tree. It is completely filled with bromeliads, cat's paw vine, cornbirds, tanagers of many colours, the occasional parrot or two, thousands of hummingbirds, old man's beard, orchids, woodpeckers, a snake which ate a frog noisily one morning, assorted small plants and berries, some toucans (very occasionally), several mysterious flowers, moss, and even one or two small trees.

A Samaan tree is a whole ecosystem all by itself. Mosquitoes and things breed in the bromeliads, and little frogs lay their eggs there. Birds come to eat, drink and make merry. It's a good thing to look at in the morning.

Sean is working today, but various sons have been visiting to snuggle and ask what's for breakfast? I love to snuggle in the morning, and I miss Sean.

Yesterday the boys and I CLEANED my car. It is sparkling. Sharon and I did some watercolouring in the garden, and today I will definitley do more. It is a good pottering-about weekend. I will finish the laundry, and wash the dog. She smells bad. Other chores will get done during the course of the day.

Max is counting 5 minutes, and then I have to make breakfast. I hope everyone's weekend is as nice as mine!


Anonymous said…
...sigh...sounds dreamy! Enjoy
Anonymous said…
I love days that turn out like yours!
Anonymous said…
That sounds just about perfect. I love the description of the tree.
Unknown said…
How very nice and relaxed it sounds. May I ask for pictures of the tree?
Nan Sheppard said…
Lceel, I just need your email address. I am not dweeby enough to figure it out from your comment!

Do you have a binder full of photos for working from? If not, start one now.