you call THIS a routine??

* Hit "off" instead of "snooze" and fall back into deepest slumber.

* Max crawls into my bed. Look at time.

* Groan and thank Max with kisses. Get up.

* Turn on light and off fan, and wake Sam.

* Wake Chas.

* Wake Sam.

* Dress, Brush teeth.

* Wake Sam.

* Pack lunchkits.

* Poke Sam and tell him that WE ARE LATE! GET UP!

* Grab breakfast.

* Herd everyone out the door....

* Go back and wake Sam.

* Walk Sam to bathroom. Oversee brushing of teeth. Hand him bag and lunchkit. Walk him to car.

* Drive off, noting the early rays of dawn.

* Curse late hour, traffic, the overpass construction, the government, the late hour, and the need for sleep.

* Prepare for One Of Those Days.


Unknown said…
Yeah, I am very thankful that I don't have the morning rush anymore. Honestly, its one of the best parts of homeschooling. ;)
Anonymous said…
I feel your pain Nan :( We did that for 15 years, and I know how awful it is. I swear, Zara will be going to school in the area we live... or we will move!
BlueBella said…
So sorry for the gloomy return back to the grind :(
Hope the boys are feeling better and you don't catch whatever it is!

We are certainly in that stage with the babies bringing every germ on the planet home with them from daycare. Thankfully with being pregnant I am not catching much of it, but still they must endure the snotty noses and vomiting, coughs, gunky eyes and sore bottoms. I'm ready for the immunities to be all built up!