Eddies in the Space Time Continuum

We are connected to the internet! Our super dooper computer, Dell in case you were wondering, is happily talking to the Sub-Ether and merrily asking us if we want updates every five minutes.

There is a great Website program that comes with Vista, which I cannot figure out at all at all. Actually, that's not true, but how do you get the whole thing online now? Do I need a different website? A new address? Where do I put my URL? (Ooh, I just said URL!) And the fact that the computer is so cheery and just BUBBLY and pleased with itself is making me feel totally incompetent. "This is so EASY!" it says. "Perhaps you have not installed super-amazing-toolbar 27 correctly, though?" it suggests. "Never mind, just click here!!"

I DID manage to upload photos though! "Uploading To Blogger!" That's what it said. But now I can't find them. They didn't magically appear when I clicked "Preview", and have apparently been sucked into a wormhole in space.

It doesn't help that I am actually VERY BUSY what with Everything Else... My boys are clamouring for breakfast as we speak... So I am on the computer thinking "This would have taken me five minutes on the Blackberry." I realise I need more TIME. Also, reading the tutorial thingy would help too, hmm? "how to put pictures on your blog."

And I've been painting. My new paints, new technique, and great inspiration are making me happy. SO THERE, VISTA!!


Unknown said…
Vista sucks. Big time. But you do get used to it. Mostly.
Theresa said…
Get a Mac! boo for vista