hair and teeth coordination

While I was away, Max gave himself a haircut. Not your average idle Six-Year-Old-With-Scissors cut, he had a PLAN. He snipped his hair very short (like, a millimetre) over his eyebrows, and left a long bit in middle hanging down. VERY punk. With gel, it can be made to stick straight up in a spike.

I promised him that I would "fix" it for him, as per his detailed instructions, and I have done so. I am not sure what they are going to think at school. Are punk hairdos allowed? We are going to find out on Monday! And if not, we will have to shave his head, because there is no other way to rescue that do!

See facebook for pictures!

Then, tonight, Max's first loose tooth finally came out. The tooth fairy just placed a card and some money under his pillow, and it is a miracle Max fell asleep at all knowing that FINALLY he has joined the ranks of BIG BOY. This house has seen many teeth, and I have just a few more sparkly notecards left. I feel like it's the end of an era tonight, with my punk rocker unconsciously holding his card from the tooth fairy.

But today, I also got to play with my nephew. The game? Build blocks in a stack up, up, up, and say sternly "Now Alex, don't knock it down!" and then crack up at the look on his face as he does amid squeals of laughter! He knows the drill. He is just edible. I hope to spend PLENTY of time with that fat little bundle of glee in future!

Thank heaven for little boys, and medium-sized boys, and big boys.


Theresa said…
I thought that was Alex in the facebook pic. He is too yummy!!! And he looks like Jimbo... there's no mistakin it. And Max looks very punk with his new hairdo... he would fit in with all the emo teenagers over here without a second glance. Emo is the new kinda punk, in case you din know... lots of black and white with neon coloured accents... all the rave here.
Anonymous said…
Amen to little boys--boys of all sizes. The punker sounds like a man with his own mind. I like that.
I bet he had fun with that toothless look complementing the wild hair:)