i say dahling!

All is well, and we are having a wonderful time. 

At this precise moment, I am watching old "Fawlty Towers" DVDs with my sister. We are giggling at John Cleese, but weakly because we are absolutely stuffed with strawberries and chocolate. not to mention the huge pub lunch earlier. 

Sam is having a blast! Eventually I will attempt to write about the whole thing, but I just wanted you to know that we are not shivering, weeping upon the pavement somewhere! 

We EVEN went to the beach in Bournemouth on one of the two nice hot days of May, and it looks like, ladies and gents, THAT was summer!  It's cold again. Ahhhh, England! 

Atlanta  was great too... You must all go to the Atlanta Aquarium, it is totally amazing! 

Alright, dahlings! My sister is hanging over my shoulder giggling and asking WHY I haven't mentioned her stellar cooking, which would take pages and pages so I won't even start. Must go! Ta! 

Go look up the Atlanta Aquarium. All the good stuff is true. 

Oh my god John Cleese is hysterical..... 


Anonymous said…
I knew you would bring the party with you wherever you went! So glad to hear from you.
Anonymous said…
Estonia summer seemed to come and go last week too. boo hoo :(

Glad to hear you're having a blast! I sent Sean a message this morning asking if he was still alive... poor guy... or not. I'm sure its been one boys-lime after another... and guilt-free for him.


p.s the baby has 2 teeth and loves curry chicken!
Nan Sheppard said…
theresa, the pictures of you and zara on facebook are so cool! you look fantastic! she is too cute for words. looking forward to seeing you in the summer holidays!
Candygirlflies said…
Psst... Don't mention the war.

xoxo CGF

Nan Sheppard said…
ach! we watched the one where he has escaped from hospital and tries to "cheer up" the germans with war jokes... we laughed till we cried!
Anonymous said…
Oh dahling! I DO love Fawlty Towers, too. Fantastic to hear from you.
And we had 3 days of summer here too, and are now plunged back into rain and clouds again.