nah, that didnt work either!

BUT! ladies and gentlemen! i bought a wireless router and receiver in the states, and it is going to be good! sean will hook us up in no time, and then if i can ever get a turn on the super dooper computer at home i will have FUN putting pictures on the net. dangerous stuff, huh? we are heading back into london tomorrow and i will be computerless again till i get home.

i miss you my bloggies! i am looking forward to catching up with everyone's news. hope all is well, and the weather is sunny wherever you are.


Anonymous said…
Glad to get your update though! I've heard good things about the Atlanta Aquarium. Keep on posting when you get the chance!
Unknown said…
We miss you, too. Just be careful stepping out into the street in London. Drivers there seem to get points for pedestrians.