shrimp lo mein!

I am sitting in Hawaiian Eye, waiting for my shrimp lo mein to cool down. It's been a mad week! Today, I only had a few last minute things to do when SUDDENLY, the Frame Guy who I had given up on called and cheerily announced that my frames were ready and he would drop them at the studio in five minutes.

After some quick thinking, I decided NOT to tell him where to stick the frames, and flew to the studio. I spent valuable time mounting tiles into frames and delivering them.

Then I went to the bank to collect my credit card, and they said to come back at 3 o'clock. That puts me in hush hour traffic later... It's going to be a long day!

Apart from those minor hitches, I am so organized I amaze myself. All three children are happy and excited due to stellar parenting. I can still get that mother of the year award! Even if I DO leave two kids behind and go jet-setting!

I think the airconditioning in this restaurant has finally kicked the bucket.

So this is me: I will eat, and then I will finish doing my few remaining dos. I will settle two kids, I WILL collect my credit card, and the traffic won't be too bad, and I will fit all of the Maggi soup, anchar plum, spees, coconut milk powder, curry powder, etc in my suitcase! I will sleep well tonight, eventually, and tomorrow will be totally wonderful! Sam and me! World travellers!


GirlBlue said…
Squeee! So excited for you
You are indeed Supah Mom
I so wish you could give updates while you're away, whatever shall we do without you?
Kelly said…
have fun my dear!! see you when you return and we will exchange globe-trotting stories!!
Nan Sheppard said…
I will certainly try to update!
Anonymous said…
You go, you globe trotting Supah Mom, you! I will miss you.
Are you bringing me back a prezzie?