Alack the day!

I spoke to Sean's cousin last night, and he said that someone who saw the car last week said they had THE CHEQUE ready for him and they were coming for the car. He had thought they were not interested, and was greatly apologetic. So I am at home, not cleaning the fridge. I am waiting for a call that says "okay, bring the car" or "false alarm! you can keep it!" Cross your fingers.

I should really clean the fridge.

I am trying not to sink into despair. You know the type: "I have no car! And I live in a shack! And I am SICK of not having a washing machine at my beck and call, with water flowing merrily and unstoppably whenever I want it! And the smell of old bush fires is getting into everything and giving me a sore throat! And our new house will NEVER be built, I will be stuck in the bush forever and I can't even POOP because someone is swimming in the toilet!"


And NOW I can't get the picture of Kermit in the toilet to upload. DLink says "Signal Strength: Very Low" even though our receiver is HANGING from the EAVE outside. With a piece of wire. I am pretty sure that's not in the instruction manual. Wouldn't it be cool to live somewhere with running water in the mains, a phone line, consistent electricity, a consistent cell phone signal, and a great public transport system? No Jeps that lie in wait for you and sting you in the dead of night so that you screech OOOWWWW and whack your leg on the corner of the bathroom cupboard in your haste to escape, leaving you with a throbbing, swollen foot and a bruised leg for days. And NO sympathy. None at all. LIFE IS SO HAAAARD! THIS SUUUUUCKS!

Okay. I feel better now. A bit. I will clean the fridge, and see if there is anything good to eat in it. You all just CARRY ON with your water and washing machines and telephones and double decker buses and bike paths and fire departments and insect-and-arachnid-free houses. Don't mind me.


Candygirlflies said…

Computer glitches DO suck. But not as much as the possibility of losing that fab Wind-in-the-Willows car. THAT, I will not stand for. And might just come down there, so we can pool our resources and out-bid The Other Guy.


If it makes you feel any better, I'm in the depths of despair, and cleaning out my fridge, too.

xoxo CGF
GirlBlue said…
Oh poor thing, so sorry to hear about the car and the washing and water problems, and the fires, and the picture upload issues and signal strength. But the house is going to be built and everything will be better.

You are building away from this area right?
Kelly said…
sounds like it's time for a trip to brasso seco!!!!!
Anonymous said…
Oh, dear Nan! We will wait patiently for the picture of Kermit. Can't you scoop him into a bucket so you can poop?
Nan Sheppard said…
GirlBlue, we will be building in Santa Cruz. It's a bit more civilized! Kelly, we will visit soon for sure. Soon as we have definite wheels! Witchypoo, the frog swims down the U Bend, where I can't reach him. So I sit there, trying to poop, and wondering... It looks like I can hang on to the car till Thursday night now, which is great.

And? I found a beer in the back of the fridge!
Theresa said…
awwwww. But I know you will miss the Love Shack. I'm also trying to clean the fridge... so far I have emptied EVERYTHING in the crisper into the bin... and the door is still open while I read blogs. I should save the planet and close the door.