clean fridges everywhere!

So. Cleaning fridges is in the air! It was a bloggy fridge-cleaning day! Mine is so clean now, you could lick stuff off the shelves. I realised that I have 3 bottles of mustard. A whole pack of loose-leaf tea was spilled down the back and had to be swept out with dustpan and broom, which seems a terrible waste, but finding a beer lying down in the tea leaves made it all worth it. In fact, standing in the cool of the fridge drinking a surprise beer is a pretty good way to spend a 37'C dry-season day, I think!

When Sean came home last night, I whined and cried until he fixed my computer connection, so hopefully later I can play some more. Thank goodness for Sean, our resident nerd! "What did you DO to the poor computer?" Technology hates me. I am one of those people who can't wear a watch every day, because it starts to go backwards. Sensitive electronic equipment sees me coming and starts to cry. In fact, I have been accused of being the reason for the Pardon-My-French Car's electronic quirks, but they can't prove anything!

The boys have end-of-year exams starting today. I will be interested to hear what their teachers have to say at open evening later in the month. I lectured Chas and Sam about reading their questions carefully, making sure they have answered everything, CONCENTRATE YOUNG SKYWALKER! We have revised, last week and on the weekend, and Tuesday night, but yesterday they all had fun at taekwondo and football and burned off steam.

Max lost another tooth! Actually, he pulled it out with no fuss at all, and then I dropped it down the plug. Max wrote a note to the Tooth Fairy that said "Dear Tooth Ferry, Mum droped my tooth by axidunt down the drane."

The tooth fairy wrote back: "Dear Max, I have been down that drain before, it's not so bad. Mum told me she is very sorry!" The tooth fairy always writes in very fancy joined up writing, which is exciting! "I got a note from the Tooth Fairy, but I CAN'T READ IT!!!"

I am making the best of Max's first teeth, because after this there will be no more first teeth! It is funny, I didn't realise that Max losing his teeth would affect me so! Even Sharon has been wailing "OUR LAST BABY! NOOOO!"

Anyhoo, there is work to be done here, so I had better get a move on. Sales are slow, which is normal for May and June, but the Summer and Christmas season will be very busy so we gotta get stocked up! It's the annual "I have to buy supplies and work hard and pay staff, but I make no money" crisis. It's okay, been here before. It passes.


Anonymous said…
Anyone who writes letters from the tooth fairy is a fave of mine!

Concentrate Young Skywalker--I'm totally using that line from now on!
Anonymous said…
Zac once lost a tooth in the junior playground amidst the gravel - no chance of finding it there. A letter from the tooth fairy was just the trick. Alas, he no longer seems to be a believer but there seems to be a shred of hesitance to denounce it absolutely, perhaps in case the catastrophic result might be the end of the "cash-for-tooth" deal.

You've inspired me. Started a new blog. Hopefully it'll get better as my creative juices start flowing - too many years of writing legalese seems to have stemmed the flow.
Theresa said…
I din find any cool surprises in my fridge :( But now it looks too empty so I have to go buy more stuff so I can fill it up again... and hopefully eat it this time.

One time my dad and I tricked the tooth fairy with a pebble after my floaty ring knocked it out in Tobago. She never suspected a thing!