fine, thank you.

Let me just 'splain something here. PMS? It stands for

*Probably you should bring me chocolate right now.

*Mister, I am a delicate flower.

*Shaddup you don't want to argue with me.

I have nothing nice to say, and plenty of stuff that's not nice at all, so I am going to take some universal advice and NOT SAY ANYTHING much.

But if you are in the area, you can bring me some chocolate, a foot rub, a back rub, WITHOUT A HAPPY ENDING. in fact, I am not speaking to any men at all, see above advice about not saying anything if it ain't nice and stuff.

If you are a small boy, go away. Go to bed or something. There is peanut butter, and bread. In the cupboard. Goodbye.

I have a headache, because being on the pill gives me headaches. Not being on the pill gives me babies. Dang.

I am very tired, from spending more time than I should have being on the road all over the island at the worst possible times of day. It was one meeeelion degrees outside, and lucky me I was out in it. Lots. At football practice, I tried to slouch in a shady spot and glower at people but Vicky made me get up and walk around the field because "It will do you good!" I made her walk slowly. It probably did me good.

Suffering builds character, after all.

I have fucking character up to HERE right now.

Thank goodness today is over.


Candygirlflies said…
You and me both, babe. You and me both.

xo CGF

ps. My husband calls it "Perpetual Menstrual Syndrome". Which, of course, makes me want to kill him MORE. Foolish man.
Anonymous said…
Darling! Hydrate!
You sound like I felt last week.
Hope you get your chocolate...that usually helps ;)
Theresa said…
awww :( sowwy you havin such a bad day. I hope its better tomorrow.
Unknown said…
Given that it is now Tuesday and no longer Monday, I can only hope that you are feeling better and we no longer have to hide weapons.
Nan Sheppard said…
Have hydrated and been to yoga class. Call off the red alert! Un-hide the sharp objects! But still give me chocolate.