The Great Carnival Hat of 2007

Theresa has managed to find an actual picture of me, wearing the Great Carnival Hat of 2007. (Oh, see yesterday's comments. If you haven't been keeping up, don't blame me!) Fortunately it isn't the picture of Sean wearing my bikini top, but he does feature.

This is making me long for Carnival... But with "Gang Members" shooting each other in the streets daily, some of whom appear to be Five Months Old or Eighty Six Years old, will we want to play Carnival in 2009? Will we even want to be living here, next year?


Theresa said…
hahahhaa.. i can post that one too if you want!

But I agree with you about Carnival next year. If things continue as they are, I think you can count us out. Lord knows we are keeping our fingers crossed for this trip.
Nan Sheppard said…
Hmm. Let's save that one for National Embarrass Sean Day!