Introducing the Bling Ride

When I got back from my amazing trip, which I have yet to tell you about properly, but I will soon now that I have the picture thing figured out, what a long sentence this is, I had no car.

The Pardon-My-French Car is history, remember? Anyway, so I borrowed Sean's cousins car, which is for sale, while I got organized. The car is a Nissan Cube, a weird-looking boxy car which tends to have a reputation here in Trinidad for being a "Bling" car. You see them everywhere, the driver airing his dreadlocks out of the window, purple under-lighting and spinny-rims and "Mr. Sexy Lovah" emblazoned on the back glass in ultra-reflective gold. That these cars have a great, loud sound system is noisily evident.

This was the ONLY car that I said "No way. That is a funny looking car."

After driving around in the Cube for two days, though, I have changed my mind. This car is nippy, roomy, and sips gas. I have parked in teeny-weeny spaces, and zipped around traffic congestion. The tyres are cheap, and parts will be easy to get. Any mechanic can fix it, including Sean! And he drove it and said "I have to go to work in this car..." Everywhere I go, I see blinged-out Cubes and they toot and wave. I toot back, giggling. The horn makes a very "Mr. Toad" toot! Toooot!

The only question now is, do we bling out the car? The boys have suggested a "Mystery Machine" type paint job, as it will look good with surfboards on the roof. Not that the car needs a paint job at all!

Yesterday, I was laughed at. "That! Is what you're driving??!" they say. My friend Siham was speechless and grinning. The big-car crew at school were polite. My sister-in-law said "Oh my God."

I am pretty certain we will be the only Cube in the school pick-up line.

Do you know what? It costs $80.00 TT to fill up the gas tank of a Cube. I love it!


Anonymous said…
I think a bling ride is something you all could enjoy! I always wanted a Smart Car, because they sip gas. I see you managed to paste your button up, I found the actual code for it.
Theresa said…
''Mr Sexy Lovah'' ROFL!!! Oh i love trini! You forgot to mention the silhouette of the chick with extra pointy boobies reclined on the back-side triangle glass thingies.
Unknown said…
Somehow, I missed a whole week of you. Well, I've gone and looked and 'Lovely pictures' and 'please don't say bad things about me' and 'don't bling up the car, just be normal - which will be like totally different than everybody else in a Cube'. There. All caught up.
Anonymous said…
That sounds too funky--I used to feel embarrassed about a teeny car I drove years ago--until I went to fill it up with gas. I'd rather spend money on other things.

PLEASE post a photo of your bling ride once it's all tricked out!
GirlBlue said…
*Tries to look all serious while choaking (see can't even spell its so bad) on snickerfit*
Anonymous said…
what boy!! pictures!! colour! i think u have a bling page now! very nice!
Candygirlflies said…
Darlin', if that machine of yours goes "Poop, poop!!" a la Mr Toad, no. more. bling. is. needed!!!

Awesome. Jealous!!!

xoxo CGF