It's Time, Boys!

It's time to forget everything you thought you knew, and remember everything you thought you'd forgotten.

It's time to lie in a hammock and think of nothing.

It's time to rifle through the bookshelf and find *surprise!* two books you haven't read!

It's time to make smoothies with anything. (Peanut butter/Chocolate? Pineapple/Yogurt? Mango/cranberry?)

It's time to lie under the stars and be stunned speechless by a meteorite.

Time to stay up till midnight.

It's time to make a bonfire and toast marshmallows and Vienna saussages and bread, and call that dinner.

It's time to curl up next to the cat and see who moves first.

Time to lie on the floor with your head on the dog, and look at the ceiling.

Time for a few music lessons, (Violin, piano, guitar) with a music teacher who isn't Mum or Dad.

Time to go fishing.

Time to lie and stare through the cracks of the jetty to see if the angelfish comes back.

Time for a lot of sunblock.

Time for sailing.

Time for your hair to get streaked by the sun.

Time to leave little jars of stuff lying around to get knocked over, so you can wail, "That was a science experiment!!"

Time to go on loooong hikes, and complain about it.

Time to make giant bubbles (Dawn dishwashing liquid (blue), water, a little glycerin. Let sit in a bucket overnight, and use pipe cleaners to make huge bubble thingys.)

Time to make up a play that involves a lot of costumery and choreographed swordfighting and death scenes, and make all of the grown ups sit and watch.

Time for cousins to move in! Your beds are ready, guys!

Time to play in the rain. In the mud. In a slimy pond.

Time for snorkeling.

Time to sleep.

Time to eat.

Time for Time.

(This blog began as a series of emails to friends and family last Summer Holidays, and evolved into a blog in September 2007. I have been having a blast re-reading the old stuff from September, which documents some of the 2007 Holiday Highlights. This Holiday will mark my FIRST YEAR ANNIVERSARY as a writing person!)


Anonymous said…
I think that sounds like a "great time." Wish I was a cousin coming to visit...
Anonymous said…
Oh I totally wish I had some of your entusiasm for the summer holidays. Your kids seem to be doing what I did for my holidays back home in tnt. Ofcourse, my kids are almost 3 (boy/girl twins) and a 1.5 year old big boy.

I stay at home with them and all I can think about is how much they are gonna miss all the little groups we go to .... pray for little rain here in scotland and then we'll have a great time....

ENJOY and congrats on your impending anniversary!!!
Anonymous said…
I wish I was growing u pin your house! I wish I had the entire summer holidays off so I could let Zac enjoy summer the way your boys do. Sure he's at home with a friend over, he'll be playing football and cricket and leaving toys strewn all over the house... but I'm not there! :(

Enjoy your summer Nan! See you down the islands soon hopefully - let me know your dates and I'll make sure we go down as well
Unknown said…
Oh boy, can I come spend the summer with you? Because it seems you really know how to do it.
Theresa said…
ITS SUMMER TIIIIIIIIIIIIME!!! YAAAAAYYY!! Last year I lived vicariously through your emails. This year, I get to actually be there!!! well, for a lil while anyway!!

9 more days!!!
Oh, I love this post. And I love summer memories...hoping my boys create similar ones!