Miss Blog Frog 2008 Contest: This Week!

Are you proud of your frog? Do you feel that your frog has universally attractive qualities? Enter the amphibian of your choice in Things I've Found In Pockets' First International Frog Beauty Contest!

Simply send me (nancy dot kate at hotmail dot com) ONE photo of your frog with a brief letter of introduction. Attention will be given to beauty, personality, special skills, musical talent, etc. Pictures and resumes will be posted here all week.

Have no frog? Never fear! We need you too. Post your comments by clicking on the "comments" link, saying which frog YOU think should win, and why! One lucky frog will win a "Popular Vote" Award based on YOUR comments!

Entries so far:

Kermit is a reserved frog, and obtaining a photograph showing facial features has proved to be difficult. Suspected of Espionage and once thought to be a member of the CIA, Kermit has been known to disappear for weeks at a time and gives no explaination of her whereabouts upon her return. Kermit enjoys swimming, and dislikes fish.

Gruber is outgoing, and always there to lend an ear for his loved ones. Full Gruber details coming soon!

The Winner will have their Frog's photo posted permanently on this Blog, with a link to the Blog or Website of their choice. Consideration will be given to toads and other amphibians. No reptiles please! GirlBlue, that means you!

The winners will be chosen on Sunday 22nd June 2008 by an unbiased panel.

This contest is co-sponsored by FIFA.


Anonymous said…
Frog photos are always fun. I think Gruber looks like she has the personality to take the crown, however.
Islandgirl said…

(Gruber's mommy!) :-)
But I think Gruber is a HE - I can't handle another hormonal female in this house to compete with my 14 year old daughter. Let me have my frog prince to dream sweet dreams about. (note to self - stop kissing the frog..you're having hallucinations). Nanno I will send you froggie details later. Have to cook dinner or eat contents of fridge off the wall..you know the drill! :-)
Anonymous said…
I hate Frogs.....come to think of it i hate lizards,turtles,snakes and pretty much anything else that looks like it might be related to a lizard !!!!!!!
Nan Sheppard said…
Oh yes Debs! We know all about you and the lizard thing! But frogs are AMPHIBIANS! See? See? What, you don't see?
Anonymous said…
Kermit may be a homicidal psychopath but one can overlook this once you've licked his blue toes.....
More frog Haiku:

lick the froggies back
lick lick lick the froggies back
frag freg frig frog frug?

that sucked

Nan Sheppard said…
Very weird, anonymous. Maybe DON'T luck the froggie's back anymore, okay?

Boy frogs can certainly enter the contest, as princes of our hearts, they are very welcome.