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Superstars in the Frog "Sporn" Industry, Ron and Jenna, shown here in a promotional clip from their soon to be released flick "Spawn".

Photo courtesy Happy Hoppin' Productions.

Ron and Jenna have been together for fifteen years, and have been known to frequent late night hotspot "The Toadstool".

Place your votes now for the "Popular Frog" Award! Will it be Kermit, with his strong, silent nature? The attractive and likeable Gruber? Does Mr. Toad make you want to sing? How about David Bannana? Or will Jenna and Ron get a joint prize? Will there be more entries before dawn tomorrow, which will blow us away with their talent, good looks, or all-around congeniality? Scroll down to view all contestants, and click on "comments" to place your votes! At the tadpolling stations! Hee Hee!

Feel free to vote for your own frog, and to bribe family members to do the same. It may be the only way we get any votes at all!

Has this blog gone to the frogs?

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Ron has lost a lot of weight, but Jenna on the other hand better get some exercise or she'll croak.

I give my vote to the Lean, Green, something machine, David Banananana nana na!
GirlBlue said…
One vote for Gruber
Anonymous said…
i like Jenna as she resembles Jabba the Hut.
Theresa said…
Are Jenna and Ron one vote altogether? Or separate?

No matter... Kermit is my dude!
Ndinombethe said…
Can we vote for our own entries cause I feel compelled to - I was almost swayed by David Banananananana - he's captivating - but his interests were not what I expected - just goes to show that you should never just a frog by his colour uhm i mean cover