Some more contestants in the Ms. Blog Frog Contest?

I STILL say my Kermit is the Beautifullest Frog on the Blog, or at least Miss Congeniality! Here are The Contestants for the Port Of Spain area in our Miss Blog Frog 2008 Contest.

First Prize, Flies!


Clever girl, you even got me. I love your blog. I'm just going through all your backposts.
I'll call you later in the week to pick up plates and drop pouis. It was nice to meet you today.
btw I've put a link up on my site to you
Theresa said…
Kermit wins for personality. Who can beat a toilet frog??? And I think her hubby was my doc when I was younger!
Nan Sheppard said…
Oh, Kermit is definitely a frog with some education, a doctor's wife. You can tell!
Ndinombethe said…
Tried to link to your blog and entered Mr. Toad in the competition - be kind when judging and commenting - ugly guys need love too - and besides, he's got such a bog (I mean big) personality!
Unknown said…
Okay, I'm confused. But liking all the froggy pics. It's like Kermit has cousins or somethin'.