wrapping up the school year

Helloooo! Thank you, ladies of the internet, for letting me gush about my boys so shamelessly. I know y'all understand.

The prize giving ceremony and concert went well, though my camera decided to put it's shutter speed on SLOOOOOW for some reason, I reset the settings, and it's fine now, but any pictures I took last night are very blurry. Not to worry, I was sitting right up at the back anyway so the pictures would have been of distant specks. Chas played well with the music group, and the graduating kids made speeches and made us all cry.

What, doesn't everyone cry? I always do, from the beginning, when the small girls and boys do their thing, right to the end. At pantomimes, concerts and ceremonies involving kids, I cry. That's why I have to sit in the back, where it's DARK!

On Monday, the boys have their last-day-of-school party. I will try not to cry. If I do, it will be for joy because THE HOLIDAYS! WE LOVE HOLIDAYS!!! We are already getting into holiday mode.

I've cut out all of the clear pages from copybooks, so we have a stack of paper.

I found one missing library book.

I packed up a few of our books to give to the school library.

I have bought a new desk-mounted pencil sharpener, and thrown out the old one.

I have scrubbed the old lunchbox coolers to pack away till next term. Those Coleman Coolers are the best. Chas, Sam and Max have been sitting on them, kicking them around, and abusing them for three years now, and it looks like they can take another year of abuse. Talk about quality. I love not having to buy new stuff every term.

I suggested to the boys that they might need new school bags? "How are your zips? Any holes in your bags?" They said that their bags are perfectly fine and just need another wash. Yay for good quality stuff!

We are definitley missing some socks.

How do we end up with so many one sided socks? HOW?


Theresa said…
YAY for holidays!!!! WHOOOOOOOOOO. I can't wait!! We'll definitely try to fit in a hike. I already have a back-pack type carrier that I use for walks. Hopefully my dad will join us too :)
Socks stolen by cold toed pogo sticks!
Anonymous said…
Nice post!! I too always miss my school days.
Nan Sheppard said…
Nice marketing tactic, "Brandy". Click there to get back-to-school coupons, folks.