Garbage Babes.

Kelli and I spent the afternoon paddling around the bay, picking up garbage. It rained heavily yesterday, so everything that was dumped in a river or in a drain was washed into the Gulf. Trinis, you are NASTY!

I am holding, in my hand, a URINE SAMPLE. Nasty. This was Kelli and my second load of junk.

There should be a deposit on plastic soft drink bottles. That would keep Trinis from dumping them on the side of the road. And if they did, the same guys who scavenge for glass would pick them up. The other major culprit was styrofoam cups and containers, which should be outlawed altogether. DO NOT BUY STYROFOAM CUPS, TRINIS!

IF KELLI AND I WERE KING! We would get this planet into shape! Or maybe not. Maybe we would get a private plane and renovate the palace. Perhaps we should stick with keeping "Garbage Collection" in our exercise routine.

Keep fit! Keep our planet pretty!


Unknown said…
Okay. You're hot. Urine sample or not. Did I say 'hot'? How 'bout HAWT!! Ah, yes, that says it so much better.
Islandgirl said…
Hi Nan!!! I am back online again!! YIPEEEEE!! Darn near provided a urine sample myself when I was sitting quietly painting and the phone rang after 8 days of being ded ded ded!! Painting has now been abandoned in lieu of reading all my email and catching up on blogs and generally being in net addict's paradise!! Miss you chicks and hopefully will make it back before the island holiday is nothing but a blog memory.
Ndinombethe said…
Was talking about that JUST this morning - time to propose a policy to the Min of Education - recycling and anti-littering programmes in every school - mandatory.

Will look in to it.
Candygirlflies said…



You are a better woman than I. (And waaaaaaay slimmer, too!)

When you get home, I'm posting the song, "When I am King" by a Canadian band called Great Big Sea.

Just for you.

xoxo CGF
Nan Sheppard said…
In Trinidad, skinny girls are NOT considered that sexy. I am what is called "Magga", or Skinny, and people are always trying to fatten me up! It's totally genetic I guess, I eat like a starving cannibal. There was even more garbage in the front of the kayak. Kelli picked the most up, but the urine sample she reached out for andthen said OH GAD! So I got it! ICK!
BlueBella said…
Yay for Nan & Kelli!!! Good work gals.

And I'm so glad you got pictures working now - what fun to share and dammit you gals are sexy - garbage or not! Maybe I have to become a Trini after the baby to get back to my fighting weight :)
Anonymous said…
You go girl! I'm so proud of you to do that. Picking up others' garbage is nasty business, but thank God for people like you willing to a) do it and b) set the example.